Rabona - Snow Lions Playing In League 2 For Last Three Seasons


Rabona - Football Manager at its finest*

Since I haven't posted Rabona* update for more than two weeks here is a cumulative report for the last three seasons. Let's start with the last one

Season 14

I tried to prepare lineups in advance for most of the matches with the formation being my favorite, 4-2-3-1.

The end result was quite satisfying.

Final standings, League 2 / ID 631 - 5th

Positive points and goals scored is the thing to remember from this season. Congrats to @costanza on placing second. In the next season your team, FC Constanza, will be promoted for sure.

I also remembered to resign the players with their contracts expiring not to repeat the mistake from two seasons ago.

Financially the season was in deficit since I didn't invest in facilities at all. It did end with 17K RBN in plus yet I bought 240K RBN mid-season to keep it afloat. Without the 416,707 RBN of advertising income, I would be deeply in red figures.


I might consider upgrading something in the next season. Yet, I really don't invest much time in the game so it isn't a priority.

Season 13

In this season Snow Lions were on the brink of elimination. I was away from the computer and didn't check the standings for a long time. In the end, I managed to salvage the season with the 12th rank thus avoiding relegation.

Final standings, League 2 / ID 631 - 12th

Financially the season was a deep red affair. Too high salaries and not enough income.

Season 12

It was very successful as you can see for yourself.

Final standings, League 2 / ID 631 - 3rd

Surprisingly, we won the last two matches. Even against the league winners. As I told you, I can't find any logic here.

Before Season 13

I made another rookie mistake. I didn't renew the contracts and here is the result.

Ten players only on the team. Ahh ...

I guess I need some players.

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