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RE: Second Layer Curation, Still my Best Investment Option on Hive: I gave out $150 and earned $123 in form of LEO & SPORTS in November

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The fact that you are Nigerian and you have great things to say about these platforms makes me wonder we never fully harness its potentials. Earning over 100 dollars on curation alone is a big deal for me and I would be proud to earn that much from curation alone but it requires dedication just like you are doing.

Here is my sports post

I post sports articles on daily basis and also I just started creating leofinance articles on daily basis also.

Below is a link to my Leo posts and blog. This will be a start to something great. Also, I will need your guidance towards pulling more crowds to interact with my post.

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I'll ckeckout your blogs and share wealth with you. One secret of growth here is consistency. Do it everyday and you earn everyone's support. That sums up to something tangible.

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Thanks for the kind words. Will be looking forward to learning more from you. Also, I checked the sports talk social OCD stuffs posts on crypto and coffee blog just as you suggested. But I don't understand the post fully.

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