State of Exhaustion - April 05, 2020

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State of Exhaustion

April 05, 2020


A friendly place to try hard! Come get EXHAUSTED!

Featured Activities Shared Recently:

imageSunday run: Horsing around: a running activity by @steevc
Distance: 7.01km, Duration: 41 minutes, Pace: 5.86 min/km
INSANITY: Max Cardio Conditioning: a strength activity by @king-cobraimage
imageAfternoon Run To Save My Mind: a running activity by
Distance: 16.19km, Duration: 81 minutes, Pace: 5.004 min/km

Cool Stories We Liked Recently:

Practise your finger grips while drinking tea with these quirky rock climbing mugsBy @adaptnetwork
By @harkarSnowy April.Mountain.jpg
weekendhuffycruisethumbnail.jpgWeekend cruise on my Huffy Nel LussoBy @daltono

EXHAUST Leaderboards:

Running Leaders

This WeekThis MonthThis Year
1argon - 77.94kmargon - 55.34kmervin-lemark - 641.15km - - 39.36kmjgrieco - 406.7km
3ervin-lemark - 41.38kmervin-lemark - 26.87kmking-cobra - 316.61km
4steevc - 26.47kmrthelly - 24.01kmsteevc - 275.35km

Cycling Leaders

This WeekThis MonthThis Year - - - 1352.87km
2granad - 41.19kmgranad - 41.19kmjkms - 1266.4km
3jkms - 39.97kmsteevc - 21.27kmgranad - 922.48km
4steevc - 21.27kmrthelly - 19.31kmkiwibloke - 482.37km

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Thanks for the feature! I like your logo and initiative. Had to give you a follow 😎

No worries! It was a cool article, and pretty sweet little whip!

Looking forward to more!

Cheers, and be well.

Good to see people are still able to get out. There was a possibility we would not be allowed out to exercise, but I think it's still okay for now.

Yeah no kidding. It's kinda crazy to stop people from exercising -- all the health concerns are likely to just get worse if that's the case.

Exercise helps with stress levels, and stress levels can hamper you immune system (or so I've been told... I ain't no physician)...

Glad that you're still gettin' out for a bit of a workout!

Cheers, @steevc