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I just finished a 6.9km running that lasted about 0hh:41mm:55ss !


After Sunday's half marathon my legs were not feeling too bad, but I was not going to push myself too hard today. I headed out with the intention of going with how I felt. I had decided to do some of the farm tracks and so went towards the station through the village. Not many people about then, but I had to move into the road to give any I met some space. A train must have just come in as some people were leaving the station as I arrived. I went over the footbridge and then up the exit road on the other side to pick up the track.

Last time I ran that track I followed a hare for a long time. No hares this morning, but I got close to a pheasant before it flew off. Met a couple of cyclists along there. My legs were not feeling at full strength, so I took it easy.

I turned off the main track and met the fallen tree. It was just possible to clamber between the branches. There is a lake on the left that is hidden by trees. I could hear lots of birds in there.

I carried on towards the meadow with the horses and then followed the river back to near home where I cross the other footbridge. By then people were taking their kids to school. I saw a couple of runners.

Overall this run was well below my usual pace, but that is no big deal. I will take it easy for the rest of this week and see how quickly I recover. I do get some comments from people concerned about my well-being, but you really do not have to worry. I have no intention of doing myself any harm.

Run free and stay well.


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Your latest run was at a pace of approximately 6.074min/km!
Looks like you went a bit slower this time! Remember that it's important to take some rest days, and do some rehab / prehab / strength and conditioning training too! If you weren't intending to go slower, take a moment to listen to your body, and see if you need something. Check in with yourself!

So what's next on the running calendar?

I will aim for another half next month, but also want to get some better 5k times. It could be a long time before we get organised races or parkrun again, so I need targets to keep me motivated.

your pace is very impressive for a recovery day. This is about as fast as i can perform at my best but i'm getting better!

I generally aim for under 6min/km, but I was feeling it and the long run has taken more out of me than I thought. Still recovering today and so walked instead of running.

You are a great runner

Thanks, but I am really just a jogger. I could not even seriously compete in my age category. That said, I am proud of my achievements as they took a lot of hard work.

Nothing can stop a consistent Runner.

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...and enjoy a good recovery !BEER

Great... you will probably recover in two days time

We shall see :)

I wish you speedy recovery


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Nice job! Our park was packed this morning. It is supposed to get up into the 90's today, so I think everyone was taking advantage of the cool morning while they could.

It's been mixed weather here. Mostly cloudy, but quite warm when the sun breaks through. Due for rain tomorrow.

Good going Steve. I feel like I need a rest a few hours after getting out of bed! :)

I may have overdone it. Back is playing up a bit now. Can have a lie-in tomorrow.