Morning Run - Accidental half

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I just finished a 22.799km running that lasted about 2hh:11mm:18ss !


I did not set out today with the intention of doing a half marathon. I thought I would run around the Letchworth Greenway to where you can get on the A1 and then cut back through town. What I had not taken into account is just how far that is. I was thinking it would be about a 17km run. Once I realised it was further I just carried on. I did eat before I went to give me some energy and avoid eating late.

It was pretty frosty out there and looked pretty with the trees all white. In places the mud was frozen, but it was sticky elsewhere. Not bad enough to get my feet wet. I took the photo at more or less the highest point after a fairly long climb. My legs were flagging a bit then, so the few minutes to fish out my phone gave me a break.

I saw a lot of runners early on and a few more scattered around the Greenway. Plenty of cyclists too. As I went on the frost was melting and I got dripped on under the trees.

Coming back through the industrial estate I spotted a footpath that looked like it would take me the right way. There was a footbridge over the railway that proved to be very slippery with ice, so I took it very carefully. Then I followed the road rather than going cross country as I thought it might be muddy.

It was a fairly up and down route so my legs got a good workout. I would like to do more long runs this year to try and build my stamina. I still aspire to a full marathon.

Podcasts included Richard Herring talking to Alexei Sayle and Sodajerker with E from eels.

I was happy to make it home and will take it easy for the rest of the day. I would still plan to be doing a run on Tuesday even though my Garmin watch suggested I need three days to recover.

Run free and stay well.


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Cheers. A $3 flag seemed pretty heavy for whatever offence I caused. Won't put me off through. It's only money.

Excellent long run my friend! Seem like cold weather helps to run longer

I don't like it too hot, but then I seem to cope with the old okay too. Just have to dress for it.


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Looks beautiful out there, good effort and a great consistent pace!


It was hard work at times and the hills may have slowed me down at times, but not bad in all. Not my best half, but I'm okay with that.


Hey a half marathon in the cold of January is good whatever the time!

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Well done man. I couldn't imagine running that far haha.

Wow, well done mate!

@steevc, Morning Run means finding the right way to stay in the State Of Right Mindset. Stay blessed.

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I did not set out today with the intention of doing a half marathon

nevermind @steevc, it's an easy mistake to make after all eh! 😂

I still aspire to a full marathon.

Same here, its high on my 'bucket list' although I'm a while away from being able to complete that distance comfortably. Yet. At least by the time I'm finally ready the race events will be happening again.

What's the furthest you've run (in terms of distance)?