Morning Run - Getting back up to speed

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I just finished a 6.946km running that lasted about 0hh:39mm:36ss !


I am trying to get back into my regular running routine, so I was out again today. It is still cold in the mornings, but I warm up quickly. My legs did not feel too bad, so I headed back up to Fairfield as that is the biggest hill around here and it avoids the school crowds..

This time I ran clockwise and it seems someone created a segment for that. I managed my best time for it today with just a couple of previous attempts. For some reason I run the opposite direction much more often, but I may do this one more to try and beat my time. The fastest people are much quicker than me. It is a very up and down course.

Coming back down the big hill I was a little quicker than other recent runs, but then I felt I had it in me to push there.

Not a bad run overall. I was a little quicker than Tuesday, which gives me some hope for further improvements. I find around 5:40/km is a good pace for me when not wanting to try too hard.

It warmed up nicely during the day, but I was stuck indoors. We may wait a while to put the pool up. It was actually mid-May last year. It needs to warm up during the day and still be warm enough for an evening swim. I am not one for icy swims.

Run free and stay well.
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Nice to see you back in your running form. I think you're one of the people with somewhat similar mileage than mine. Every month, in the infamous Exhaust running leaderboard, there seems to be a few of us competing for the spots behind the Untouchables with 200+ km per month.

I just can't do that. I was trying for 30km per week, but going to ease off for a while. Need to find what works for me. Enjoy your running.

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I like that you do a lot of cross country style running and not just on paths or paved areas. I think that is the kind of running I would like to do if I did it more. Okay, I mean if I did it at all!

This was largely on hard paths, but away from roads. I will do more around the fields in coming months now it is dry.

Great job, man. Running is the best exercise as I have read, and your doing it well like this must really count for a lot. Enjoy👍

Cheers. I started late in life, but I feel I benefit from it. Just have to avoid over-doing things.