India's Shaolin Gurukul and Its Kung Fu Master

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Every person has a different story behind learning martial arts. This is the story of Shifu Kanishka Sharma. He started learning martial arts when he was 6 years old.

First, you started learning Karate, Kung fu and Kalaripayattu. He learned 7 styles of martial arts. He spent 31 years learning these different martial arts.

He went to the Shaolin Temple and learned the Southern Shaolin style called the 18 Hands of Lohan. He invited his master in India.

"Do not compete with someone else. Compete with yourself. Don't compare yourself with someone else. And don't condemn anyone. You are born to live. Learn and love. When you live consciously or unconsciously, you start learning from people. Then you start loving them. Then you love to learn from them. And you love to live your life. The circle becomes full."
-- Shifu Kanishka Sharma

He teaches people authentic and real martial arts. He is not teaching martial arts for sports. In this video, you will see how he teaches his students.

Before starting martial arts, it is always better to decide why you really want to learn martial arts. It will shape everything later.

If you want to learn martial arts, you have to have patience. It is not like you will learn everything overnight. You have to learn step by step. It takes time, patience and practice on a regular basis. Martial art is for life. Anyone can learn martial arts.

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Kung-Fu was always a mistry to me.

It is surprising when we see a normal person does something extraordinary. Through training, dedication and consistently giving the best effort, they achieve that.