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@upvoteshares is a project from @costanza that aims to provide Daily Upvotes based on a fair model that is proving to be sustainable and scalable over time. This Project is mainly aimed towards Steemians with a long term mindset.

If you are not fully up to date with this project, I highly recommend reading all the details in the Terms and & Conditions! I also made a post about the Upveteshares Model Mechanics and how they solve many of the issues most other daily upvote projects have.

Steem Tribe Tokens Update

The platform is still in full development trying to figure out the different steem-engine tribe tokens along with the SMT's that are around the corner. I will try to manage the tokens and airdrops as good as possible and splitting the risk staking them on this account while selling them on the @minnowshares account turned out to be a good call. I will mainly try to increase the PAL holdings since nearly everyone is also using that tag. I will see if I can alter the upvote % on the SPORTS and LEO tokens that have been staked as explained in the latest post from @abh12345 after trying it out only main account first.

TribeCurrently StakedSteem Value
Palnet.io650 PAL260 STEEM
steemleo.com500 LEO55.5 STEEM
Sportstalk.social2800 SPORTS8.12 STEEM

I increased the PAL from 600 to 650 by converting some of the PORN airdrop. I am also unstaking 100 LEO to convert into PAL. I'm not sure how all these tokens work out in the near future but for now, it's a great way to give some extra value to all active Shareholders and to help the project move forward at a similar pace of 25 days to reach the next level.

The account has reached 3890 SP unlocking level 16 (See Table) after level 15 opened up exactly 26 days ago. This means 50 new shares from the @upvoteshares account that spreads out daily upvotes become available. All of them have been reserved!. The current low ~0.24$ price for 1 Steem hurts the upvote $ value but also makes it very cheap to get in for everyone who is in it for the long run and believes in the platform...

-50Available Shares
Share Price4.160 STEEMCan be recovered at any given time by selling the share on the market, but comes with a 0.200 STEEM exit cost which benefits all other shareholders.
Share Entry Cost0.300 STEEMWill fully be used to Buy Delegation to slightly increase the upvote worth and allows 1 Minnow Share Sponsorship.
Total4.460 STEEMThe total Steem for 1 Share

Level 16 Reservations

AccountReserved SharesSTEEM
@roleerob5 Shares22.3 STEEM
@costanza5 Shares22.3 STEEM
@macoolette5 Shares22.3 STEEM
@trincowski5 Shares22.3 STEEM
@barbara-orenya5 Shares22.3 STEEM
@ervin-lemark5 Shares22.3 STEEM
@hans0015 Shares22.3 STEEM
@glastar2 Shares8.92 STEEM
@meesterboom2 Shares8.92 STEEM
@jlordc2 Shares8.92 STEEM
@abh123452 Shares8.92 STEEM
@braaiboy2 Shares8.92 STEEM
@romeskie2 Shares8.92 STEEM
@fullcoverbetting1 Share4.46 STEEM
@byebyehamburgers1 Share4.46 STEEM
@bashadow1 Share4.46 STEEM
Total50 Reserved Shares

The ones who have a reservation can send the required steem to the @upvoteshares account with the memo

Payment Level 16 Shares, I understand how this project works and agree with all terms and conditions (https://steemit.com/steemit/@upvoteshares/upvote-shares-or-terms-and-conditions)

I will confirm when your shares have successfully been assigned in the comments below where you can also let me know who you want to give your sponsorships to. In case you don't have the Steem directly available confirm your reservation in the comments and send it later on (before 07/08/2019). If you don't want to take up your reservations also let me know if possible so they can be taken up by others. I will likely keep the voting weight at around 3.4% for each Share and will increase the upvote % as I'm assigning the new shares.

Level 15 Schedule
Monday 29/07/2019 Upvote Shares Level 16 Available
Friday 02/08/2019 Upvote Shares Level 16 Sold Out!
Wednesday 07/08/2019 Upvote Shares Level 16 (100% Complete)

You can always request shares for this level in case some don't take their reservations up. It's also possible to already reserve shares for Level 17.

1 Daily upvote from the @upvoteshares AccountThis for as long as this project runs. (the 4.160 STEEM Share Price can be claimed back in case the project ever ends!)
Tribe Upvotes650 PAL-500 LEO-2800 SPORTS is staked by the account which will increase the payouts on posts with that tag!
1 @minnowshares Sponsorship GiveawayCan be Sponsored to someone by choice or be given away by hosting a Contest. Only accounts with roughly around <500$ worth of STEEM or that currently have between 1 and 8 sponsorships qualify. Current sponsorship count can be found on the @minnowshares account in this post.

At any given time, the amount of SP in the account will at least be 10% higher compared to the current share price based on the number of shares. [ Example Level 16 Price = 4.160 STEEM | Minimum Powered Up SP in Account = (4.160 STEEM x850 SHARES)x1.1 = 3890 SP ]

Each share represents an equal minimum daily voting % from the account that can be calculated. For Level 16 this is 1000% / 850 Shares = 1.18% Upvote. Based on current Steem Price this is a ~0.000641$ upvote. (To calculate accurately do SP x1000 and Upvote /1000 on 1% and recalculate to 1.25% see image )

This is the Minimum Guaranteed number in case every single share is active and all daily upvotes are used without counting any of the value creating mechanisms the project offers. The minimum value goes up each time a new level is reached because shares will always become more expensive as the account grows and extra SP is being added each new level. Those who got in on previous levels paid less for each share and have increased their minimum return a bit (see numbers).

There are currently plenty of inactive shares that directly increase Shares. Many of the shareholders from previous levels don't make daily posts and I try to have the Voting Power steady around 80%-90% which allow for an increased overall voting percentage to ~1700% and above. Each Level is pre-funded which means most of the SP from Level 17 will already be in the account to increase the upvote value. Leased SP from previous Levels are all still active and this will be increased by buying extra 90 day delegation from all the 0.300 STEEM entry costs. The @upvoteshares account has some savings to maintain the pace of moving to the next level in the future when it gets harder. This SP is powered up on the @minnowshares account and leased to the @upvoteshares account to give a bit extra value to shareholders (200SP). Also a big thanks to @mcoinz79 for a 100SP delegation that helps to increase the returns from all shareholders. Different Staked tokens also increase the overall returns compared to the minimum.

All this brings the expected upvote for each Share at...
1750% / 800 = ~2.2% from the @upvoteshares account that will have ~5250SP in it. This currently makes the upvote for 1 share worth ~0.0020$. (3.3% at 80% VP)

(This might go up or down a bit based on how the voting power holds up and does not include the extra upvotes from Staked Tokens.)

While the upvotes themselves might not be spectacular because of the continued low Steem Price, it is important to know that they are realistic and sustainable. One of the main ideas is that each share beats a 10x self-upvote that can be done with the amount of Steem it represents. If steem goes back up the upvote $ amounts will increase along with that.

Daily UpvoteBefore CurationAfter Curation
4.160 SP (10x Self Upvote)~0.000582$~0.000582$
1 Upvote Share Minimum~0.000641$~0.000513$
1 Upvote Share Expected~0.002017$~0.001613$

Calculations were done using The Steemit Upvote Calculator

It is important always to focus on the minimum upvote and see everything on top as something extra that will likely decrease over time. Upvotes will be set at minute 12 which will take ~20% curation rewards, while this does not beat the 10x self upvote at the bare minimum levels, it will over time since the value of each share always increases. [ see table ]

  1. Every Upvote Share comes with 1 Minnow Share that can be sponsored. The ones that get sponsored get on the auto-upvote list from the @minnowshares account until the next level is reached. Everyone who manages to get sponsored 8 Minnow Shares over time can claim 1 Upvote Share. (There were 50 reserved in level 0 and more in later levels). There will be a ~10 day delay for Minnow Shares to start spreading out upvotes so everyone has enough time to choose who they want to sponsor or organize a contest.

  2. The account of every Shareholder will be followed by the @upvoteshares account, this will help to increase the followers_mvest needed to get / increase busy.org | busy.pay upvotes and also helps to boost your @steem-ua score.

Make a reply with a request in this post if you want to get in ad I'll let you know if anyone doesn't take up their reservation. It is also always possible to reserve shares for the next level or to be added on the auto reservations list like many which is the most optimal way to get in.

-Future Giveaways18
-Burned Shares4

That's it, I will do what iI can to make things go as smooth as possible. Feel free to let me know if I made a mistake somewhere along the way.

All the token earnings from this post will be staked to grow the account which benefits all shareholders and helps to reach the next level! Thanks


please add me on the autoreservation list for the next round with 5 shares. Kind regards, sportfrei

Noted, you now have 5 shares reserved for each of the next levels. There is no obligation to take up the reservations, just let me know when you want off the list when that time comes.

Thanks @sportfrei !

As committed, this morning I have transferred 22.3 STEEM to @upvoteshares for 5 more shares @costanza. I will get back to you on this round of Minnowshares to sponsor, once I can access the current list.

As always, thank you for all of your effort to both put this program together, in the first place, and your faithful efforts to maintain it since then!

P.S. For Level 17, please make my reservation for 4, which should bring me up to the 100 shares I originally intended. From there, please remove me from the reservation list. Thanks!

Haha, I'm also one of those people who likes even numbers :)
Thanks for everything so far @roleerob, the 4 last shares to reach the 100 have been reserved for level 17. I have been thinking more about a solution for the account in case something were to happen to me and think the best way is to also give you the private posting and active keys if you are up for that. I would make a post about it once you reach the 100 mark asking the other sharholders if they are fine with this.

5 shares [Share 801 to 805] have succesfully been assigned to you, the current minnowshares list is available here. Feel free to let me know who you want to sponsor this time when you can. You now have 96 Shares and your upvote remains at 100%.

Thanks as always !

For my 5 Level 16 minnowshares @upvoteshares / @costanza, I would like to sponsor:

2 shares - @blessed-girl
2 shares - @mimismartypants
1 share - @plantstoplanks

If my accounting is correct (if not, please let me know), these sponsorships should put @plantstoplanks “over the line” for 1 upvoteshare. 👍


Thanks for the blessings once again Rolee!!

Certainly @mimismartypants. Enjoy! 🙂👍

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@roleerob the steem angel! Have a lovely day dude! Keep on rolling!

Thank you very much for your support my dear friend,

God bless you!

My pleasure @blessed-girl. All the best to you and yours and "keep on keeping on!" 🤗👍

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Well thanks @roleerob! I very much appreciate the bump to the next level! You've definitely got my support as a good backup person for the program should @costanza ever need the assistance. :)

Certainly my pleasure @plantstoplanks. "From a distance" I've had the impression you are "one of the good guys" here on our Steem blockchain. So, as an investor first and foremost, giving you the remaining MinnowShare needed to give you a permanent share in @costanza's program was an easy decision to make ... 👍

All the best to you on your Steem blockchain "journey!" 😊

"From a distance" I've had the impression you are "one of the good guys" here on our Steem blockchain.

She is ranked number 1 in my book of the "good guys/girls" on this platform :)

Wow! Okay @upvoteshares / @costanza, high praise indeed. Guess we did good then! 😉

Noted Thanks!
Katie (@plantstoplanks) will indeed be getting a free Share!

This was fun to read @upvoteshares / @costanza ...

”Haha, I'm also one of those people who likes even numbers :)”

… as it is definitely true of me, so glad to know I am not alone! 😉 Hopefully, in the not too distant future, along with you, we’ll see many others joining us at the 100 share level. And beyond! 👍

Interesting and humbling to see this @upvoteshares / @costanza ...

"I have been thinking more about a solution for the account in case something were to happen to me and think the best way is to also give you the private posting and active keys if you are up for that."

... as I had just been thinking about this topic myself in the last little bit, given how much of my available STEEM I have invested into your program. I'd briefly raised this issue / question before, but didn't want you to feel uhhh ... "pestered" ...

That said, I certainly never intended you to feel any pressure that I myself needed to have any access to the account. So, I am honored to be considered for the stewardship responsibility. In response, I certainly agree with asking the other shareholders for their support / endorsement, before a final decision is reached.

Beyond this statement for our Steem blockchain, I have reserved more detailed questions for our DM in Discord.


I'm all for 100% transparancy and open communication and there is literally nothing I can be pestered with :-) I also just see this as the best solution to protect shareholders just in case.

Okay @upvoteshares / @costanza. Sounds good to me. Guess we'll find out what input the rest of the shareholders in your program provide!

Rereading your post this morning, on this @upvoteshares / @costanza ...

"I increased the PAL from 600 to 650 by converting some of the PORN airdrop."

... I'd like to see all of that particular airdrop converted to PAL. Or whatever other token seems prudent to you, if you'd prefer to diversify the account's portfolio.

First and foremost an investor, I am not personally agnostic about how money is made. Accordingly, I am opposed to "making money" via that particular "tribe" ...

That's funny, I have just asked how they converted the porn tokens to Pal...I'm really interested 😃

Sure @barbara-orenya, that's fine. I'm sure he can help you ...

I am cost averaging out of the PORN token, when PAL first was released it sold off for 0.1 STEEM, where now it's at 0.4 STEEM. I rather wait it out and see where it goes price wise the next couple of weeks so I converted part of it. The balanced approach is usually the best one. I powered up the pal airdrop on this account while selling it on the minnowshares account powering that steem up leasing it out to this account. So regardless if it crashed or mooned it would have been good for everyone.

Okay @upvoteshares / @costanza ...

"I am cost averaging out of the PORN token ..."

... sounds good.

Steem sent. Sponsoring @needleworkmonday. Would still like to have 2 shares reserved for me on the next levels. Thanks!

How nice of you! Thank you very much @romeskie for participating in and supporting the #NeedleWorkMonday community :)

Thanks @romeskie

2 Shares [Share 832 & 833] have been assigned to you succesfully and your sponsorship to @needleworkmonday has been noted. You nowhave 10 shares and your voting % has been increased to 34%. 2 share are also reserved for you in the next round, you are on the auto-reservations list and can let me know at any time when you want off it. As always there is no obligation to take up reservations.

Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! I found similar content that readers might be interested in:

Can I reserve two shares of level 17 please? I finally have some liquid Steem to spend 😉

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Done @erikklok !


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Thanks for reserving the 5 Shares. I won't be needing any on the next level.

Thanks @trincowski !

5 shares [Share 806 to 810] have succesfully been assigned to you, the current minnowshares list is available here. Feel free to let me know who you want to sponsor this time when you can. You now have 36vShares and your upvote remains at 100%.

Hi there. I just sent the payment. Please allocate the minnowshares to the following.


Thank you.

Thanks @macoolette !

5 Shares [Share 811 to 815] have been assigned to you succesfully and your sponsorships have all been noted. You now have 49 Shares and your upvote will remain at 100%

Can you spare a share for me if there will be a share that will be freed up on this level? I just want to close my total shares to 50 for now. Thanks.

There are a couple shares untaken so you can have the one that reached you the even number of 50 @macoolette! Just send the 4.46 steem to the account and let me know who you want to sponsor!


Great! Payment sent. Thanks.

Hola apreciada @macoolette! Gracias por tu generosidad, ya estoy de regreso, pero a mi esposo le dio un ACV, (Accidente Cerebro Vascular), esta muy deprimido, y de mal humor, muchas bendiciones, besos y abrazos.

I hope your husband will recover very soon. You stay strong.

Steem sent. Will have a think about who to sponsor!!

Thanks @meesterboom!

2 Shares [Share 816 & 817] have been assigned to you succesfully. Feel free to let me know wo you want to sponsor before Wednesday 07/08/2019. You now have 7 Shares and your upvote % has been increased to 24%

Payment sent, Sponsored-@shasta.
I would like to try reserving one share for round 17, just not sure if I will be able to save enough for it, but hopefully I will.

Thanks @bashadow!

1 Share [Share 818] have been assigned to you succesfully and your Sponsorship to @shasta has been noted. You now have 11 Shares and your upvote % has been increased to 37%

I reserved 1 share for you in Level 17, there is no obligation to take it up so just let me know at the time when it becomes available.

Congratulations @upvoteshares! You have completed the following achievement on the Steem blockchain and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

You published more than 70 posts. Your next target is to reach 80 posts.

You can view your badges on your Steem Board and compare to others on the Steem Ranking
If you no longer want to receive notifications, reply to this comment with the word STOP

Vote for @Steemitboard as a witness to get one more award and increased upvotes!

Please put me in for 5 shares in the next round! Thanks!

Done, Thanks @newageinv.
I'll make sure to send a message once it becomes available!

Will send mine tomorrow as I'm a little bit short of liquid Steem XD

Steem Sent @upvoteshares / @costanza . Shares goes to @mango-juice and @fullcoverbetting Thanks once again! :)

Thanks @jlordc!

2 Shares [Share 825 & 826] have been assigned to you succesfully. @fullcoverbetting reached the max amount of sponsorships and can't be sponsored anymore from now on. I assigned both the @mango-juice, if you want to change this still feel free to let me know. You now have 33 Shares and your Upvote % will stay at 100%

I've sent you the 22.3 steem but not sure on what to do next
Will wait for your instructiopns...LoL

I have 2 questions though @costanza :

  • Do you intend in the future to hold also some Creative Coin tokens ?
  • How did you convert the porn tokens into Pal ? 😊

Thanks @barbara-orenya!

5 Shares [Share 827 to 831] have been assigned to you succesfully. You can give out 5 sponsorships (max 2 to the same person). The idea is to give them to smaller accounts or friends you made that don't have 2000SP+ that are looking to grow on this platform. Feel free to let me know who you want to sponsor before Wednesday 07/08/2019. Your account is now followed and you have been added to the upvote list for 5 Shares x 3.4% = 17%. Right now I'm draining the VP a bit too much on purpose because of the upcoming HF21 in case the HF20 scenario repeats. I will see how to make fair adjustments on the new rules the HF comes with. The program has the 10x self-vote as a reference numer and it will remain that way. You can always increase your vote % once the next level opens up.

As for the questions go

  1. Probably not, the main purpose for this project is still to give Steem upvotes. The way these tribe coins work makes it difficult not to have their VP at 100% all the time since not everyone is using the tags. That's why most focus is in PAL since everyone is using that also. It's basically a little bit extra on the good returns for all shareholders and a good incentive for new ones to join the project.
  2. just sell PORN for STEEMP and buy PAL for STEEMP :)

If there is anything else you need more info on feel free to ask!

Thanks much for your answers @upvoteshares!

Can you explain me what you mean here

The program has the 10x self-vote as a reference numer and it will remain that way. You can always increase your vote % once the next level opens up.

Here are my 5 sponsorships :

And if left, I'd like to book 5 for level 17 ^_^

reservation for level 17 has been noted along with the sponsorships thanks!

Can you explain me what you mean here

basically if you power up steem and just self vote you can make 10 posts a day and do a 100% vote on each one. If you were to put a number on how much SP is worth in upvotes that's the one. For most support groups what you get for your investment is lower than the 10X self vote number meaning in reality you are supporting the support group instead of the other way around. (The mechanics are explained in detail here.

As the numbers show in the post
Steem for 1 share powered up = ~0.000582$ daily vote value
Steem for 1 share in program now = ~0.001613$ daily vote value (after curation)

In reality the gap is probably even bigger and returns grow. share price is linked to the SP in the account and always increases each level. So if you are on steem for the long run making at least 4+ posts a week you will get great returns while the invested steem remains yours as it can be sold if you want out or gets refunded if the project were ever to end. HF21 will bring some changes with the 50-50 split but I'm sure there will be a way to fix that so it stays all fair.

I hope that explains it!

Ooh ok, I think I grab it at last ^_^ Thanks 😉

Wow, thank you @barbara-orenya 🙏🏽

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With pleasure @fleur 😊

For 2 shares i have to send 8.92 steem right?

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Hey @mango-juice, Level 16 was sold out and I put you on the auto-reservations list starting again from level 17 and onwards for 1 share. It looks like not all reservations will be taken up so you can get 2 shares still this round if you want. Just let me know, for 2 shares it's indeed 8.92 Steem in level 16

Its ok pal, I ll take from level 17, one share per round. 😀

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Hello and thank you very much again for the reminder.

Payment sent.


Can you, please, reserve 5 shares for me for this and future rounds. Thanks.

As I am new to this game, I now have an option to sponsor minnowshares? So I should make a list of names to be sponsored?

Thanks a million :)

Thanks @ervin-lemark!

5 Shares [Share 837 to 841] have succesfully been assigned to you . Feel free to let me know who you want the sponsorships (5) to go to (max 2 can go to the same person and the idea is to give it to smaller members that are below 2K SP more or less). You are now followed by this account and have been added to the upvote list for a 17% upvote. I also reserved 5 more shares for you in the next level, thanks.

Thanks a lot! And I'll reserve some liquid Steem for the shares :)