I just surpassed 100,000 SPORTS, and I earned every single one (you can do it too)

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First I want to thank every single person who has taken the time to view/comment/upvote/resteem my #sportstalk content. It truly means so much to me. You know who you are.


Remembering past interests...

Not only has #sportstalksocial provided me with the most consistent income I’ve received from Steem in a long time, but it has also allowed me to re-connect with sports. I stopped keeping track of and watching almost all sports a few years back. Before then, I had had been enthusiastic about many different sports. Such as #basketball, #soccer, and #mma (look out for my first #fighting blog, coming soon).


My favorite #basketballjersey that I own, a #vintage 1996 Michael Jordan All Star Jersey. #dreamswork

My brother and father never stopped keeping up with sports whenever I did. I found it to be a waste of “hard drive” space in my mind, now I can once again happily chat with my family about sports.

With the incentive and communal support that #sportstalk provides, I now am motivated to keep up with the #sportsnews that I enjoy. I love getting stories out early and being the one to break the topic at hand to my followers. Even more so I enjoy designing the art for each post and laying out the story and photos perfectly. I know many appreciate the aesthetics and info that I provide. I’m passionate about this and it shows. Hopefully you all are loving the comedic presence I’m adding in occasionally too.


I have not bought any SPORTS tokens

I remember when I got the first 10 tokens in the initial airdrop. The same week I got 10,000 more airdropped to me, thanks @patrickulrich I haven’t looked back since then. I have posted almost every single day and it is paying off tremendously. As of today I have over 100,000 SPORTS, and all of it is staked for the long term.


The best way for me to help you to earn SPORTS POWER as a curator is for you to comment on my posts. I upvote every single comment that’s is meaningful, you’ve gotta put some effort in. If you do, I will reward you (my upvote is hefty). If you decide to also resteem I’ll give you an even bigger upvote. I do not have as much time as I’d like to read other people’s blogs, but I do consistently read ALL comments that I receive. If you take the time to link me to one of your posts in a sincere manner, I will eventually check it out too.

I hope to spread the wealth on #sportstalk, we need distribution for this to work out in the long run. So stay active in this community and keep up with the people who are on here daily such and myself. Together we can all continue to thrive.


Again, thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout this endeavor. You all are awesome! Next stop, 250,000 SPORTS!


Do you love catching my daily #sports posts?
Leave your comments below, this is #sportstalk after all.


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Leave a comment if you do become a fan and I will give you a 100% upvote in return, plus maybe a follow. If you post some quality content then you may even catch me manually curating and upvoting you more in the future.

Best Regards,



In case you are on #steemit or another UI besides #sportstalk, I will leave a link to my posts that are only sports related : https://www.sportstalksocial.com/@daltono


Hey you are strong in here and I do support genuine steemian like you.
When we all grow
We all give open heart.
Keep on postin

@pouchon you are one of the most active people on my sports blogs, I really do appreciate your stopping by frequently. You are a smart person too, we both are on the backscratcher curation trail 😎

I have one big issue cause my voting is dropping really low. I know what to do just making sure I do it right.
Another account maybe the way.

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Either that, or just put your vote limit @90% instead of 85. That helps too.
Having multiple accounts would help too. But i like having all of my SP in one so that I get a 20% upvote from everyone instead of just 10%.

i really like the way you reply with encouragement ,very nice pouchon.

It’s a motivational post. I believe all inactive steemians will wake up from their hibernation after reading this post. We can grow together, and the sports community will grow bigger and bigger. Thank you @daltono

Rise and shine snoozing steemians

Please refrain of voting your own comments.
Believe me it doesn’t look good for the community.

Way to go!! All your hard work is paying off. Keep it up the sky’s the only limit!

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My hard work truly is paying off. Many thanks to the many users who view what I post too of course.

What sky ? All I see is the stars my friend 😉

Congratulations for reaching such a huge milestone. Getting in early and hardwork pays for sure. I'm also as determined to get there too.

No kidding, being on #sportstalk since day one is a big advantage. I trust that my head start will allow me to help others climb the ladder along with me.
You too will reach your milestones if you put forth the effort that resides within you. Thanks for stopping by!

Congrats on the 100k.I am a week behind you.

You will be there in no time. Let this upvote from me speed things up for you a bit. I love those who are committed to the #sportstalk tribe.

Congrats on the achievement!! I haven't really dipped my toes into Sportstalk myself being that I don’t really have the funds right now. perhaps in the future

You don’t have to have the funds to start up. Just by commenting on this post you’re going to receive several hundred SPORTS tokens from my upvote alone. This could be your start.

This might work…. Thank you sooo much!!!

Remember that anytime you leave a meaningful comment on my sports blogs, I will upvote you. That could be a great way to start building your SPORTS POWER.

To be honest , whenever i see some people's post getting up to 100,000 sports ....i am always suprised on how they do it .I could remember lamenting to my friend that i am not earning enough sport like i wanted to .

I made a post yesterday with over hundred upvote ...I couldn't get upto 10000 sports on that ,it could be quite frustrating... Probably there is something i am doing wrong , I will start following your post because what i just read motivates me not to give up .We keep on growing everyday!

Congratulations on achieving this milestone @daltono

Leaving a comment on my post is a great way to earn a thousand SPORTS tokens. Maybe you should stop by more often 🤔

Thank you my friend.

I stopped keeping track of and watching almost all sports a few years back

This is me. I was a sports nut as a teenager and in my early 20s and then life happened. I suppose you’ve always got it in you. I always imagine that if my circumstances change and I end up by myself (I hope I don’t) that my life would revolve around sport, beer and pizza (and now crypto).

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The last time I was huge into sports was when Jeremy Lin had his crazy moments with the Knicks. That was a long time ago. But damn it was so intense and exciting to experience with all of my college buddies.

Sports, beer, pizza, and crypto.. doesn’t sound like a bad like.
I believe pussy is also essential to optimum happiness, better not met that snatch get away from ya my dude

Same thing with me, I used to live breathe the epl and nba but lost all interest a few years back but now, the urge to know it all is back. Probably shouldn't start pulling all nighters watching the nba just yet though.

Can't wait to also reach that 100k mark.

Premier league games are so intense! The same goes for the NBA. It's so easy to pick back up, just like riding a bike. The all-nighters however.. that is for the sports NUT.

You will hit 100k if you set it as a goal.
This upvote will help you get to 100k quicker. Stop by on any more of my future posts with a comment and I will be happy to share my upvote with you again.

It's so easy to pick back up, just like riding a bike

Indeed but imo that's what makes it better than other football leagues, you never really know who'll win.

P.s Chelsea is my first pick and Arsenal my second. And yes, I guess I was a sports nut then. lol

Cheers for the offer, I'll be keeping an eye out for your future content and I just made that 100k my goal!

My first official football jersey was a Gunners red "Thierry Henry" kit. That guy was such a useful striker.

Cheers to setting obtainable goals Yi Yo.

Congratulations on reaching 100k SPORTS!

Pretty cool top for the summer, and I see you have a Vape also - much better for sport than cigarettes.

Thank you so much!

That’s an Assaasin Creed Origins shirt. I love the logo for it, the game was based in ancient Egypt. So cool to climb atop the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Nice eye by the way. Yes that is a vape, getting fried is great. Shoutout #weedcash!

Very cool, I have always wanted to visit Giza. Maybe one day when STEEM and SPORTS moon :)

Either that, or play that game and post about it on #steemace

Congrats man and well deserved. Inspirational. You just have to hone your skills and apply them. Keep grinding and go to the top!!


Skill honing in progress... 🧘🏻‍♂️

Congrats mate on a cool milestone. It's great that these tribes can reignite interests andtake our minds of crypto. It feels a bit less like a bunch of people on STEEM talking about STEEM and a bit more like actual social media that pays. Talking shit about sport and earning tokens... what's not to like.

Resteemed ciz I like your vibe.

Have a good one.

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I, too have always liked sports mostly football and have started using the sportstalk tag as I think it is a win win, and fortunately I can get material for a sports article at any time, OK I am not a great writer but I do think I am knowledgeable enough at least in football to make interesting posts, So i guess I just have to write more regularly about sports perhaps not daily but certainly several times a week.

It's great that you are aware of #sportstalk.
I too love the fact that there is an endless amount of things involving sports to write about.
The more you do it, the more proficient you become. Just like in a sport. I wish you many more great posts in the future.
Thanks for taking the time to comment on mine.

Good job! @daltono!

I have seen you are a great and committed content creator!
Good to have you here in Sports Talk Social!

Let's keep Sports up!

Thank you very much, very committed indeed.
I am working on my next #sportstalk post this very moment actually.

First of all many congratulations on reaching this massive milestone that's crazy hehe you did it ...one said right chase your passions always and your passion is sports and you proved that a massive responsibility to but as said with great powers come great responsibility too i know you will do the best for community :) steem on

Thank you so much. Lots of work and pleasure both.

I will do my best to give back an amount comparable to what I receive. Everyone wins, #sportstalk is OUR team.

Go sportstalk!

Let’s goooo! #sportstalk all day long baby!

Congrats fellow early adopter, I also hit 100k sports two days ago.

I am glad I have accumulated this 100k sports and a big thanks to the community here for al, the upvotes, and engagement.

I am now bringing back the people who had given up on Steemit hehehehe.

If any of you get time, you can always check out our Ugandan community posts, the community is getting vibrant once again.

Yes for certain the community is a huge part of our success. Many will once again become interested thanks to the grand opportunities.

Congrats to you, I, and all of #sportstalk.

Let us go for the 250k goal, I had set 200k but have adjusted because of you hehehe.

I added the link to the Uganda community posts above, I just realized I missed adding it before!!

250k is when we are officially an orca on #sportstalk I believe.

Thanks for fixing the link!

by the votes you had here, soon you will surpass the 200K

I believe you are correct. I’m so happy with all of the support I am receiving. Each and every person plays such a huge role in our grand success.

Thank you @daltono
You must be in 1,000,000 Sports Soon!

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Oh I do have my sights aimed on a Millie. I’ll be sure to do something special for that celebration. I’ve got all sorts of tricks up my sleeve.

On your way to become millionaire eheheh does netflix count as a sport????

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Only if it’s some #netflixandchill 🤣😅

That is too much work already lol

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Yep, might as well just binge a show alone. It results in enjoyment as well.

Congrant bro i guess your time was not in vine on steem blockchain keep it up

Thanks for the reply, I have always known the time I spend in Steem was not all for nothing.

Wow! A whooping 100,000 sports token without buying any. Your are the real defination of determination. You just encourage me with this post of yours.

I’m glad this posts speaks volumes to you. Perhaps it will even accelerate your own growth by providing you with the motivation that is needed to remain active here.

Thanks bro

When i had about sportstalk on steemit i was really happy i guess now i can post about football and other sport i love and you are really trying on steemit keep it up bro

Now you have the perfect place to talk sports!
It’s only going to get better from here too, it’s still early on.
Thanks, I am not stopping anytime soon.

Yeah a very perfect place to post about sport and other thing that is not football

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So join our server at Discordia Sports Talk Bar.

Join our Discord server, https://discord.gg/eRKG9by.
Soon we will have healing Train to obtain better income.

I’ll join. I wondered if there was a sports talk discord

This is really awesome!

Thank you!

uR welcome :))

you're awesome!

That’s kind of you to say 😎

♥️ Wow amazing 👦

Thanks a lot!

Congratulations brothers, I'm glad you've reached your goal, as I plan to reach the 100k, I do not know how long it will take me but I'll achieve that I'm sure, greetings ..

Now we have a new opportunity on Steem blockchain where you can talk about sports and get connected with like-minded people. And at the same time, we can earn SPORTS tokens for your effort and contribution. It is a blessing that we have a platform like SportsTalkSocial!

Thank you @daltono for sharing your thoughts!

nd you'll surpass the 1 million soon....you'll be a sports millionaire

Congratulations @daltono!
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Congratulation from this side.
I'm new here on sportstalksocial

Keep up the amazing work champ! Well deserve it.

Wow thank you!

i like your post ,its give us a heart to be a part of steem and sportstalksocial .

Please refrain of voting your own comments.
Believe me it doesn’t look good for the community.