Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPORTS can be converted to SPORTS POWER in a process called staking.
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-30.197 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Curation reward: 4.155 SPORTS for qoogohome/splinterlands-gold-daily-chests-today-rur3al
Curation reward: 4.095 SPORTS for hhguild-curator/hh-guild-curator-daily-curated-posts-04182023
Curation reward: 4.045 SPORTS for bokica80/daily-focus-day-441-soulbound-season-01-1-giveaway-10-dec
Curation reward: 4.104 SPORTS for realsort/level-up-my-fire-element-card-splinterlands-game-top-10-game
Curation reward: 3.603 SPORTS for hivebuzz/wc2022-recap-sf-day2
Curation reward: 3.699 SPORTS for qoogohome/the-chaos-legion-pack-i-opened-today-rmsd6n
Curation reward: 3.626 SPORTS for qoogohome/splinterlands-6-gold-daily-chests-today-rmsd2u
Curation reward: 4.164 SPORTS for qoogohome/splinterlands-13-sliver-daily-chests-today
Curation reward: 4.101 SPORTS for aurikan/re-broncnutz-rlh131
Author reward: 4.103 SPORTS for aurikan/re-broncnutz-rlh131
Curation reward: 4.018 SPORTS for aurikan/re-broncnutz-rlh12q
Author reward: 4.021 SPORTS for aurikan/re-broncnutz-rlh12q
Curation reward: 4.089 SPORTS for aurikan/re-hivebuzz-rlglgr
Author reward: 4.091 SPORTS for aurikan/re-hivebuzz-rlglgr
Curation reward: 4.091 SPORTS for broncnutz/wcpnrhyd
Staked 31.772 SPORTS to aurikan
Curation reward: 6.140 SPORTS for bozz.sports/ncaa-football-week-6-sad-day-for-sparty
Curation reward: 6.229 SPORTS for qoogohome/splinterlands-7-gold-daily-chests-today-rjjcu2
Curation reward: 6.101 SPORTS for aurikan/re-metronet-rji2gl
Author reward: 6.103 SPORTS for aurikan/re-metronet-rji2gl
Curation reward: 6.107 SPORTS for metronet/re-aurikan-2022108t12040107z
Curation reward: 6.242 SPORTS for aurikan/re-bokica80-rj5lgh
Author reward: 20.416 SPORTS for aurikan/re-bokica80-rj5lgh
Curation reward: 6.202 SPORTS for bokica80/daily-focus-day-374-season-8-01-day-13-with-vpn
Staked 20.9 SPORTS to aurikan
Curation reward: 5.731 SPORTS for qoogohome/splinterlands-6-gold-daily-chests-today-rim5f7
Curation reward: 5.264 SPORTS for aurikan/re-qoogohome-ri821v
Author reward: 5.264 SPORTS for aurikan/re-qoogohome-ri821v
Curation reward: 5.319 SPORTS for qoogohome/the-chaos-legion-pack-i-opened-today-ri7lm2
Curation reward: 5.208 SPORTS for qoogohome/the-chaos-legion-pack-i-opened-today-ri7ky2
Curation reward: 4.868 SPORTS for qoogohome/splinterlands-5-gold-daily-chests-today-ri2kbj
Curation reward: 4.444 SPORTS for qoogohome/splinterlands-6-gold-daily-chests-today-rhy23x
Author reward: 1.011 SPORTS for aurikan/re-tonybad-rhx1kw
Curation reward: 4.687 SPORTS for tonybad/actifit-tonybad-20220908t223135963z
Staked 66.192 SPORTS to aurikan
Curation reward: 4.210 SPORTS for bokica80/re-aurikan-2022830t04359563z
Curation reward: 4.213 SPORTS for aurikan/re-bokica80-rheav7
Author reward: 4.216 SPORTS for aurikan/re-bokica80-rheav7
Curation reward: 4.128 SPORTS for aurikan/re-bokica80-rheasw
Author reward: 4.131 SPORTS for aurikan/re-bokica80-rheasw
Curation reward: 4.257 SPORTS for bokica80/re-aurikan-2022829t202116273z
Curation reward: 4.232 SPORTS for aurikan/re-bokica80-rhcvfw
Author reward: 73.391 SPORTS for aurikan/re-bokica80-rhcvfw
Curation reward: 4.226 SPORTS for bokica80/daily-focus-day-348-season-6-03
Curation reward: 4.146 SPORTS for dorian-lee/splinterlands-chaos-legion-rhcqb5
Curation reward: 4.157 SPORTS for bokica80/daily-focus-day-347-season-6-02
Curation reward: 4.197 SPORTS for qoogohome/splinterlands-12-sliver-daily-chests-today
Curation reward: 4.171 SPORTS for bokica80/daily-focus-day-344-season-5-13
Curation reward: 4.297 SPORTS for qoogohome/splinterlands-sliver-daily-chests-today-rgw74o
Curation reward: 4.393 SPORTS for qoogohome/splinterlands-9-gold-daily-chests-today-rgm0rd
Curation reward: 4.116 SPORTS for aurikan/re-mikepeters-rgh5fb
Author reward: 4.118 SPORTS for aurikan/re-mikepeters-rgh5fb
Curation reward: 4.212 SPORTS for mikepeters/fbvtnkbu
Staked 121.231 SPORTS to aurikan
Staked 27.117 SPORTS to aurikan
Staked 6.498 SPORTS to aurikan
Staked 8.717 SPORTS to aurikan
Staked 18.669 SPORTS to aurikan
Staked 2.714 SPORTS to aurikan
Staked 8.366 SPORTS to aurikan
Staked 1.663 SPORTS to aurikan
Staked 16.997 SPORTS to aurikan
Staked 59.049 SPORTS to aurikan
Staked 3.344 SPORTS to aurikan
Staked 8.654 SPORTS to aurikan
Staked 13.622 SPORTS to aurikan
Staked 3.485 SPORTS to aurikan
Staked 3.8 SPORTS to aurikan
Staked 1.36 SPORTS to aurikan
Staked 1.377 SPORTS to aurikan
Staked 0.344 SPORTS to aurikan
Staked 28737.727 SPORTS to aurikan
Staked 10727.577 SPORTS to aurikan
Staked 451 SPORTS to aurikan
Staked 83.696 SPORTS to aurikan
Staked 9800 SPORTS to aurikan
Staked 0.682 SPORTS to aurikan
Staked 5.014 SPORTS to aurikan
Staked 92.745 SPORTS to aurikan
Staked 2000 SPORTS to aurikan
Staked 10000 SPORTS to aurikan
Staked 1.061 SPORTS to aurikan
Staked 8.025 SPORTS to aurikan