Training to circumnavigate a volcano - Week 6


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A wrap up of my week six training for an August 50K race

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Six weeks down, 11 to go! I'm training for a 50K race around Mount St. Helens the first weekend of August. This was a recovery week so the goal was to keep up the intensity, but decrease the duration.

Week Six

Easy run
Speed work
Easy run
Stretching and easy recovery
Long slow day
Stretching and easy Recovery

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😴 Monday is a planned rest day. I enjoy starting the work week with some extra rest. Additionally I hit up the open gym volleyball on Monday night and appreciate the extra rest.

🏃 It is starting to become a bad habit staying up later for Volleyball Monday night and getting up late leading to a shorter run than planned Tuesday. I have a busy week at work and will not be playing Volleyball Monday night this coming week, but still may have to cut the Tuesday run short as I have to be at work early. I could change this to an evening workout, but I don't like running after work if it can be avoided.

⚡ Quick and to the point this week. I ran to the track to do 4x400 with 200 rest but the track was closed. I ended up turning home and doing 6x30 second intervals all out with 30 seconds rest.

🏃 Good shake out easy run. Nice cool morning and I felt great the whole way.

🧘‍♂️ Felt goods to get a good stretching session in and headed out for a quick jog to get the blood flowing

⛰️ May have been all in my head as it was a recovery week with less scheduled time, but I felt great the entire run. I noted an hour and a half into the run how fresh I was feeling. I blew the recovery a bit in the afternoon as I had family in town and we did a fairly strenuous hike, but it was worth it 😀

☕ This was a walk with the family and was supposed to be a fun game of pickle ball. Unfortunately the courts were full so we just made it a longer walk.

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Some Week Five Photos

Over the creekHave a seat on the bench or the natural chair

On to Week Six

Recovery week was great! I feel refreshed and ready to rip off another big week. My only concern going into this week is a full schedule at work that may mentally and physically challenge me on top of the increased mileage.


Cool updates. Glad to read about your progress on your training. Keep the updates coming. Have a great week!

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