Champions League Season 6 Roster


Beskid Niski Mts, Poland
(Photo from this post by @klub-wloczykijow )

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Eliminations are over and all 16 participants of Champions League for Season 6 are know. Here are the results of the Eliminations:

Latest Matches

Champions League Eliminations - Round 2, Leg 2

Sunday, Feb 6

P1: @ptaku vs @davidthompson57 21:15 (21163-14974)
First Leg: 19:9 (18751-8634); Winner: @ptaku (2 wins; aggregate score 40:24)

P2: @ilodz24hd vs @pjansen 7:11 (7068-10954)
First Leg: 10:11 (9923-10538); Winner: @pjansen (2 wins; aggregate score 17:22)

P3: @flaxz vs @asia-pl 23:9 (23374-8654)
First Leg: 20:7 (19620-6695); Winner: @flaxz (2 wins; aggregate score 43:16)

P4: @cezary-io vs @racibo 26:5 (26420-5411)
First Leg: 28:24 (28246-23524); Winner: @cezary-io (2 wins; aggregate score 54:29)

P5: @mariya36 vs @ykretz.sports 19:7 (18756-7358)
First Leg: 6:9 (5923-9355); Winner: @mariya36 (1 win both; aggregate score 25:16)

P6: @venan vs @sk1920 10:13 (10275-13041)
First Leg: 11:22 (11204-21632); Winner: @sk1920 (2 wins; aggregate score 21:35)

P7: @practicaleric vs @matthew1 20:37 (19999-37396)
First Leg: 22:37 (21786-37097); Winner: @matthew1 (2 wins; aggregate score 42:74)

P8: @pagane vs @ziabutt3836 0:30 (???-20382) - W/O due to no report from @pagane for Feb 6
First Leg: 0:30 (???-16143); Winner: @ziabutt3836 (double W/O; aggregate score for group seeding: 36)

P9: @cryptospa vs @dirkzett 30:0 (19024-???) - W/O due to no report from @dirkzett for Feb 6
First Leg: 30:0 (17501-???); Winner: @cryptospa (double W/O; aggregate score for group seeding: 37)

9 Winners + 1 Lucky Loser (highest aggregate score over the 2 matches in Round 2) will advance to the group phase of the Champions League.

Here they are, sorted by aggregate score in Round 2:


Most Season 6 participants are veterans. We however welcome two novices: @matthew1 and @ziabutt3836.

Congratulations to all!

Group Phase setup

The following players got directly into group phase of Season 6 Champions League:

@merthin - Defending Champion (DC)
@grecki-bazar-ewy - Consolation Cup Winner (CC)
@bucipuci - @poliac League One Winner (L1)
@manuvert - top ranked (R1)
@masoom - second highest ranked (R2)
@browery - third highest ranked (R3)

They will be placed in Groups in the following way ("serpentine" scheme works here):

Gr. A: DC, Q2, Q3, LL
Gr. B: CC, Q1, Q4, Q9
Gr. C: L1, R3, Q5, Q8
Gr. D: R1, R2, Q6, Q7


  • Q1..Q9 are 9 winners of Round 2 of Champions League qualifiers, sorted in descending order by their aggregate score in that round
  • LL is the Lucky Loser of Round 2

Group A:
@merthin, @cezary-io, @flaxz, @practicaleric

Group B:
@grecki-bazar-ewy, @matthew1, @ptaku, @pjansen

Group C:
@bucipuci, @browery, @cryptospa, @mariya36

Group D:
@manuvert, @masoom, @ziabutt3836, @sk1920

Later this week I will introduce the players and share detailed schedule. For now, the first Match Day of Season 6 is on this coming Saturday, Feb 12. The first matches:

Group A:
@marthin vs @practicaleric
@cezary-io vs @flaxz

Group B:
@grecki-bazar-ewy vs @pjansen
@matthew1 vs @ptaku

Group C:
@bucipuci vs @mariya36
@browery vs @cryptospa

Group D:
@manuvert vs @sk1920
@masoom vs @ziabutt3836

Latest Matches

Consolation Cup Eliminations - Round 2, Leg 2

Monday, Feb 7

reports still coming in, but we already have a few full results.

P1: @romualdd vs @liftslikealady 10:18 (10041-17929)
First Leg: 12:8 (12103-7854); Winner: @liftslikealady (1 win both; aggregate score: 22:26)

P2: @martusamak vs @notak ?:5 (?-5075)
First Leg: 24:11 (23831-11262)

P3: @milabogomila vs @kiel91 11:10 (11103-10344)
First Leg: 8:12 (8159-12079); Winner: @kiel91 (1 win both; aggregate score: 19:22)

P4: @homesteadlt vs @mushanov ?:11 (?-11256)
First Leg: 16:25 (16213-25299)

P5: @zimnaherbata vs @stefannikolov ?:11 (?-10783)
First Leg: 16:13 (15724-13191)

P6: @davidesimoncini vs @markhodge ?:14 (?-13539)
First Leg: 11:13 (11423-13068)

P7: @sandraa1 vs @dontcare89 10:? (10049-?)
First Leg: 5:11 (5110-10914)

P8: @kwsnomzys vs @axel-mccornstack ?:? (?-?)
First Leg: 17:12 (17123-11724)

The 8 winners will advance to Consolation Cup main phase.
The losing sides will have to wait until Season 7 for their next chance.

So far the winners are:


Thanks for mentioning me and for arranging this very interesting tournament. Stay Blessed.


you will start with Pakistani derby. Your first rival. @masoom, is a #MAcFiT veteran
Looking forward to your debuting reports


Thanks for the update, getting ready to start strong!
I was gonna say that is a tough group again, but looking at other groups, they all seem very competitive. So, good luck everyone, and happy stepping!


Let's take the current ranking (with points from qualif. and entry points for Season 6). The lowest the sum of rank, the toughest - in theory - the group:

Gr. A: 28
Gr. B: 59
Gr. C: 38
Gr. D: 57

So in theory Gr A, with the defending champion (that's me :-) is the toughest. I should say it is indeed, but not because of the rank - the reason is everyone can do +30k steps and therefore beat everyone else. I bet that none of us will have 6 wins but also non will end with 0. If my rivals read my daily updates, they will know when I am vulnerable :-)

If you look at Gr B and D, the sum of rank is very high. It's due to two novices, who entered with a low rank. So you'd think "easy-peasy".
But in the eliminations they were doing +30k and certainly can repeat that in the group phase. (speaking of @ziabutt3836 and @matthew1 here).

One thing is sure - for all groups: if anyone thinks of finishing in the top 2, they need to average 25k and I would say that any day with < 20k, means a defeat.


Yeah, I think it's pretty clear now that anything can happen in any game... Nobody's safe, not even the All times star !lolz