Consolation Cup Season 6 Roster

Authored by @MAcFiT

Beskid Niski Mts, Poland
(Photo from this post by @klub-wloczykijow )

Yesterday I posted roster for Champions League, today we will see who plays in the main phase of Consolation Cup (Round of 16).

First Match Days of Season 6 are over this coming weekend:

  • Consolation Cup: Friday, Feb 11
  • Champions League: Saturday, Feb 12

Latest Matches

Consolation Cup Eliminations - Round 2, Leg 2

Monday, Feb 7

P1: @romualdd vs @liftslikealady 10:18 (10041-17929)
First Leg: 12:8 (12103-7854); Winner: @liftslikealady (1 win both; aggregate score: 22:26)

P2: @martusamak vs @notak 9:5 (9019-5075)
First Leg: 24:11 (23831-11262); Winner: @martusamak (2 wins, aggregate score: 33:16)

P3: @milabogomila vs @kiel91 11:10 (11103-10344)
First Leg: 8:12 (8159-12079); Winner: @kiel91 (1 win both; aggregate score: 19:22)

P4: @homesteadlt vs @mushanov 19:11 (19123-11256)
First Leg: 16:25 (16213-25299); Winner: @mushanov (1 win both; aggregate score: 35:36)

P5: @zimnaherbata vs @stefannikolov 17:11 (16898-10783)
First Leg: 16:13 (15724-13191); Winner: @zimnaherbata (2 wins; aggregate score: 33:24)

P6: @davidesimoncini vs @markhodge 10:14 (9792-13539)
First Leg: 11:13 (11423-13068); Winner: @markhodge (2 wins; aggregate score: 21:27)

P7: @sandraa1 vs @dontcare89 30:0 (10049-???) - W/O due to no report from @dontcare89 for Feb 7
First Leg: 5:11 (5110-10914); Winner: @sandraa1 (a loss and W/O; aggregate score for seeding: 15)

P8: @kwsnomzys vs @axel-mccornstack 28:20 (27620-20029)
First Leg: 17:12 (17123-11724); Winner: @kwsnomzys (2 wins; aggregate score: 45:32)

The 8 winners advance to Consolation Cup main phase, where they face losing sides from Round 2 of Champions League Eliminations. The losing sides will have to wait until Season 7 for their next chance.

Special Case

Two players from Champions League Eliminations didn't provide reports for both match days (Feb 4 and 6) and their matches ended with W/O:

Losing sides of Champions League Eliminations are transferred to Consolation Cup. However, rather than transferring inactive players, I've decided to give the two slots as Wild Cards to:

  • @griega - for her Fair Play in Round 1 of Consolation Cup qualifiers
  • @homesteadlt - Lucky Loser from Round 2 of Consolation Cup qualifiers

Pairs in Consolation Cup main phase (Round of 16)

First leg is played on this coming Friday, Feb 11.

Pairs are formed by losing sides from Round 2 of Champions League qualifiers and winners of Round 2 of Consolation Cup eliminations.

Order of seeding players for Consolation Cup, Round of 16

@practicaleric entered Champions League as Lucky Loser. Therefore the highest seeded player for Consolation Cup is @racibo

The table takes into account "disqualified" players and their "Wild Cards" replacements.

The pairs are as follows:

P1: (CL1) @racibo vs @sandraa1 (CC8)
P2: (CL2) @davidthompson57 vs @kiel91 (CC7)
P3: (CL3) @venan vs @liftslikealady (CC6)
P4: (CL4) @ilodz24hd vs @markhodge (CC5)
P5: (CL5) @ykretz.sports vs @zimnaherbata (CC4)
P6: (CL6) @asia-pl vs @martusamak (CC3)
P7: (WC1) @homesteadlt vs @mushanov (CC2)
P8: (WC2) @griega vs @kwsnomzys (CC1)

@aliveprojects Eliminations Award

The best player eliminated in Round 2 of Consolation Cup qualifiers, receives a special prize sponsored by @aliveprojects - 100 ALIVE. It is decided by total score across both rounds of qualifiers.

Losing sides in yellow

The winner is:


The award, 100 ALIVE, will be sent from @merthin.

Next on Schedule - Friday, Feb 11

Consolation Cup, Round of 16, Leg 1

Pairs listed above

Second leg on Sunday, Feb 13

Next on Schedule - Saturday, Feb 12

Champions League Group Phase - Match Day 1

Group A:
@marthin vs @practicaleric
@cezary-io vs @flaxz

Group B:
@grecki-bazar-ewy vs @pjansen
@matthew1 vs @ptaku

Group C:
@bucipuci vs @mariya36
@browery vs @cryptospa

Group D:
@manuvert vs @sk1920
@masoom vs @ziabutt3836

Season 6 Schedule

Round 2 of Eliminations

Friday - Monday, Feb 4-7

Main Season Kick-off

Friday - Monday, Feb 11-14

Detailed schedule to be announced tomorrow


Thanks for updates. Main Phase is starting now from Saturday.


I will publish the full schedule tomorrow. Match Days for Champions League group phase:

Saturday, Feb 12
Sunday, Feb 13
Monday, Feb 14

then a few days of break and next three match days:

Thursday, Feb 17
Friday, Feb 18
Saturday, Feb 19



100 ALIVE sent to @axel-mccornstack

Congrats and good luck next time (Season 7, mid-March - subscribe to the community for updates)


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