Season 6 Eliminations - Round 1, leg 1

Authored by @MAcFiT


Latest Matches - Season 6 Eliminations

Champions League - Round 1, leg 1

Friday, Jan 28

P1: @sk1920 vs @romualdd 20:17 (20494-17096)
P2: @pjansen vs @martusamak 30:0 (12464-???) - W/O due to no report from @martusamak for Jan 28
P3: @davidesimoncini vs @ykretz.sports 15:22 (14882-21652)
P4: @asia-pl vs @kwsnomzys 30:0 (6819-???) - W/O due to no report from @kwsnomzys for Jan 28
P5: @davidthompson57 vs @sandraa1 14:5 (13948-5034)
P6: @homesteadlt vs @racibo 11:28 (11498-28188)
P7: @zimnaherbata vs @matthew1 10:30 (10241-30466)
P8: @milabogomila vs @ziabutt3836 21:34 (21341-34124)

Second match on Sunday, Jan 30

Consolation Cup - Round 1, leg 1

Saturday, Jan 29

P1: @dontcare89 vs bye
P2: @axel-mccornstack vs bye
P3: @kiel91 vs @zireal86 30:0 (6631-???) - W/O due to no report from @zireal86 for Jan 29
P4: @notak vs @soluce07 30:0 (10059-???) - W/O due to no report from @soluce07 for Jan 29
P5: @mushanov vs @deepresearch 30:0 (11012-???) - W/O due to no report from @deepresearch for Jan 29
P6: @stefannikolov vs @stewie.wieno 30:0 (11467-???) - W/O due to no report from @stewie.wieno for Jan 29
P7: @liftslikealady vs @griega 6:8 (6040-8364)
P8: @krakonos vs @markhodge 5:13 (5121-13259)

"bye" means automatic promotion to the next round as well as two ranking points

Second match on Monday, Jan 31

Players exempted from Round 1 of Eliminations

The following players will either get directly into group phase of Season 6 Champions League, or will start Eliminations from Round 2.


Season 6 Schedule

Round 1 of Eliminations

Friday - Monday, Jan 28-31

Round 2 of Eliminations

Friday - Monday, Feb 4-7

Main Season Kick-off

Friday - Monday, Feb 11-14


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A sneak peak into results of Leg 2 (Champions League qualifiers), as several players have already posted their reports for Sunday, Jan 30:

P2: @pjansen vs @martusamak 12:34 (11854-33899)
First Leg: 30:0 (12464-???); Winner: @pjansen (1 win both; aggregate score 42:34)

P5: @davidthompson57 vs @sandraa1 6:5 (6195-5380)
First Leg: 14:5 (13948-5034); Winner: @davidthompson57 (2 wins, aggregate score 20:10)

P8: @milabogomila vs @ziabutt3836 15:34 (15255-33717)
First Leg: 21:34 (21341-34124); Winner: @ziabutt3836 (2 wins, aggregate score 31:68)

Congratulations to the winners. You are now in Round 2 of Champions League qualifiers, which means you are guaranteed to play in Season 6. It will be Champions League if you beat your Round 2 oponent or Consolation Cup if you don't.

Losing sides - it's not the end for you either. You are now in Round 2 of Consolation Cup qualifiers.

Round 2 is played over this coming weekend, Friday - Monday, Feb 4-7

Champions League: FRIDAY and SUNDAY
Consolation Cup: SATURDAY and MONDAY

Pairs will be announced when all Round 1 results are in (on Tuesday for Champions League and Wednesday for Consolation Cup).


@martusamak, you didn't post for Friday (leg 1) and so there was a W/O against you. Your second leg step count was impressive, but not enough to get past @pjansen, who simply posted his reports for both Match Days.

Please remember in future games to be diligent with your reports and pay attention to the Match Days schedule. Your next matches are this coming SATURDAY (Feb 5) and then the MONDAY that follows (Feb 7). I'll be looking forward to your report cards and wish you lack in Consolation Cup.