Share Your Battle, Weekly Challenge, Hunting for some PIZZA!


This next installment of the Share Your Battle weekly challenges that I put on has a little something extra, the lore behind the monster of the week, the Soul Strangler! It just seems like they are reaching for a Pizza but grab your soul instead due to not having the right toppings!

The Death splinter is a great counter splinter, it is okay in bronze, but it really starts to get going in Silver rankings and above, anyway, to the card at hand!

This is an interesting card, nothing to great, but not to bad, decent speed, decent ranged damage, but not a lot of health, but for the cost, can’t complain about it.

Before we get to the battle, let’s look at the history and the lore that has been written about the Soul Stranglers (by

Before the chaos gate opened, the towered city of Darkholde was peaceful and quiet. Situated in the cold, Blackworth mountain range, it was presided over by a long-standing noble family and governed by Baron Kutziq Neculai. If the citizens knew the truth about their governor, then maybe they wouldn’t have been so loyal, but the Baron’s tastes were sated with great restraint and he truly did care for them, taking only what he must and never more than he had to. For Kutziq was a vampire, a race as ancient as the stones they’d used to build the city. A man who loved his people in many ways, including their unique flavour.

The soul strangler is a creature of nobility, of good stock and incredible wealth. They live in lavish opulence, wearing the finest attire and moving in the most sophisticated of circles, often engaging with the high born from other cities and enjoying intimate gatherings that last for days.

However, when this vampire chooses to hunt, they take on whole new guise, almost shifting their form to become more accomplished for the chase. Pointed ears extend refining their hearing and their eyes change colour affording the ability to see in the dark – their preferred time to hunt. Long fangs grow from their mouth and vicious talons sprout from their fingers. But what you can’t see in either form is the power they hold within their mind, an ability to attack at a spiritual level when they eventually find their adversary, squeezing the very life from them; a ranged attack that if not avoided, will have devastating consequences.

The battle that we are examining for this one is a smaller battle, with only a 21 mana cap along with:

Stampede: The Trample ability can trigger multiple times per attack if the trampled Monster is killed.
Rise of the Commons: Only Common and Rare Monsters may be used in battles.

This ruleset causes many things to happen actually, Stampede, not to much, but Rise of the Commons makes this a little more tricky due to the nature of the landscape with out the power of epic and legendary cards.

This battle is coming through under the Modern Ranked battles, some eSports love with this one.

Here is the quick link to the battle: (Link) However, I will break it down, then you might want to watch again.

First up, the Summoner:

This is where the countering begins with the Death splinter in the Chaos Legion set, Thaddius Brood, take away magic and decrease the health, it is one of the reasons why I won this battle.

The front line is another one of my favorite cards for Death, and a very strong card for a rare card:

A great tank with the 10 health, decent speed and decent damage, but the ability, Thorns, which is another counter ability that just hits right, every time a melee attack hits, they will take 2 damage.

The next up is a decent off-tank for the Death Splinter

The magic helps them to hit from the second position, but it is the ability again that really comes into play, Life Leech, every time they deal damage, they increase their max health and kind of a healing ability at the same time.

Next up comes the card of the hour

A decent position due to the low health on this one, it can get some hits in because it is protected from the front, but then not all the way in the back to protect against sneak attack damage.

The last card is another great death card

The ability on this one with the sneak attack, really helps in all the fights, but it causes the win in this one, plus, the 3 damage and 4 speed, just takes the cake.

Did my strategy work, yes it did, the idea was to have the Windeku take the front line, then the Life Sapper and Soul Strangler deal damage to the tank while the Silent Sha-Vi takes them out from the back. The enemy used the Unicorn Mustang, which killed off the attacks from the Life Sapper because of the void ability. However, their healer was in the back and the Silent Sha-Vi took it out before it could heal the tank, due to this, even with all of the enemy having thorns, I could do enough damage to eek out the win!

Soul Strangler has an awesome lore background and I love the thought of nobility talking to everyone and then change and sneak out at night for the hunt! The card in the battle lands is okay, it works well in certain lineups, and it also save on the mana cost, a solid edition to any deck!

Overall, this was a really good battle for me, and when you are watching a battle, you always need some Pizza! If you are looking for a great area of Positivity along with a great community, com join the Pizza Family!
You can find them here: Awesome Pizza Discord
I do want to say thank you for reading all of this and have a wonderful week!
Dr. Kqaos

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Photos come from PowerPoints stock image, Bitmoji with Splinterlands logo on top of it, or my own screen shots of Splinterlands, along with the image that they provided for the Weekly Challenge.