Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPORTS can be converted to SPORTS POWER in a process called staking.
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-448.973 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Curation reward: 207.426 SPORTS for actifit/actifit-weekly-staff-picks-169-actifit-gadget-prize-157-results-round-158-kicks-off
Curation reward: 145.672 SPORTS for disgustoid88/8175662713-9347346259
Curation reward: 164.856 SPORTS for buzzgoblin/8175104585-6460897496
Curation reward: 205.066 SPORTS for steevc/8174421338-7477762729
Curation reward: 223.594 SPORTS for alzee/8174740681-0774607479
Staked 7450.74 SPORTS to manuvert
Author reward: 0.032 SPORTS for manuvert/re-aliveandthriving-rlzvr1
Curation reward: 247.604 SPORTS for
Curation reward: 240.954 SPORTS for new.things/actifit-new-things-20221127t045404239z
Author reward: 11387.622 SPORTS for manuvert/actifit-manuvert-20221127t041019958z
Curation reward: 268.585 SPORTS for danmaruschak/actifit-danmaruschak-20221127t031157951z
Curation reward: 142.602 SPORTS for roger5120/actifit-roger5120-20221127t021608658z
Curation reward: 207.475 SPORTS for chris-uk/8172858414-3725697392
Curation reward: 175.377 SPORTS for merthin/actifit-merthin-20221126t225239241z
Curation reward: 174.813 SPORTS for flaxz/actifit-flaxz-20221126t224645412z
Curation reward: 241.524 SPORTS for new.things/8172677062-2218164100
Curation reward: 195.029 SPORTS for cezary-io/actifit-cezary-io-20221126t220129102z
Curation reward: 139.874 SPORTS for hivebuzz/wc2022-recap-day7
Curation reward: 175.028 SPORTS for actifit/qatar-world-cup-2022-day-seven-concludes--day-eight-next-4-games-tomorrow-ready-to-guess
Curation reward: 196.010 SPORTS for matthew1/actifit-matthew1-20221126t212024171z
Curation reward: 244.031 SPORTS for browery/actifit-browery-20221126t195626040z
Curation reward: 242.147 SPORTS for dannewton/8170757839-4798367474
Author reward: 0.833 SPORTS for manuvert/re-thisisawesome-rlyzbc
Curation reward: 205.097 SPORTS for toofasteddie/8172265898-6544974425
Curation reward: 207.807 SPORTS for steevc/8169598699-1549335444
Curation reward: 208.796 SPORTS for alzee/actifit-alzee-20221126t075708228z
Staked 5157.274 SPORTS to manuvert
Curation reward: 212.874 SPORTS for new.things/actifit-new-things-20221126t061230247z
Author reward: 7558.575 SPORTS for manuvert/actifit-manuvert-20221126t042413290z
Curation reward: 246.644 SPORTS for
Curation reward: 328.249 SPORTS for danmaruschak/actifit-danmaruschak-20221126t032419247z
Curation reward: 140.356 SPORTS for thisisawesome/this-is-awesome-highlighting-awesome-posts-plus-prize-drawing-november-25-2022
Curation reward: 131.778 SPORTS for roger5120/actifit-roger5120-20221126t015500519z
Curation reward: 163.143 SPORTS for svanbo/actifit-svanbo-20221125t225146946z
Curation reward: 162.281 SPORTS for matthew1/actifit-matthew1-20221125t223430549z
Curation reward: 279.501 SPORTS for pjansen/actifit-pjansen-20221125t223133848z
Curation reward: 202.064 SPORTS for actifit/qatar-world-cup-2022-day-six-concludes--day-seven-4-games-tomorrow-ready-to-guess
Curation reward: 139.808 SPORTS for hivebuzz/wc2022-recap-day6
Curation reward: 231.607 SPORTS for new.things/8167691430-8086221374
Curation reward: 134.759 SPORTS for giorgakis/8166363771-1609007296
Author reward: 5.549 SPORTS for manuvert/re-actifit-rlwbaa
Author reward: 0.033 SPORTS for manuvert/re-aliveandthriving-rlwazv
Author reward: 0.822 SPORTS for manuvert/re-thisisawesome-rlw9ui
Curation reward: 204.290 SPORTS for marenontherun/actifit-marenontherun-20221125t070638814z
Curation reward: 171.975 SPORTS for pinkhub/8164517135-4711408398
Staked 5966.097 SPORTS to manuvert
Curation reward: 242.476 SPORTS for new.things/actifit-new-things-20221125t050640059z
Curation reward: 264.937 SPORTS for danmaruschak/actifit-danmaruschak-20221125t041749312z
Author reward: 10769.426 SPORTS for manuvert/actifit-manuvert-20221125t035123065z
Curation reward: 245.344 SPORTS for
Curation reward: 139.132 SPORTS for thisisawesome/this-is-awesome-highlighting-awesome-posts-plus-prize-drawing-november-24-2022
Curation reward: 132.392 SPORTS for roger5120/actifit-roger5120-20221124t233604921z
Curation reward: 138.486 SPORTS for hivebuzz/wc2022-recap-day5
Staked 1257.61 SPORTS to manuvert
Received 94.68 SPORTS from lolz.pool SPORTS dividend for holding 660.0 LOLZ
Staked 8232.494 SPORTS to manuvert
Staked 6261.086 SPORTS to manuvert
Staked 6956.419 SPORTS to manuvert
Received 17.24 SPORTS from thisisawesome Rewards on delegation.
Staked 7048.883 SPORTS to manuvert
Staked 5930.019 SPORTS to manuvert
Staked 4951.191 SPORTS to manuvert
Staked 5277.314 SPORTS to manuvert
Received 84.978 SPORTS from lolz.pool SPORTS dividend for holding 643.0 LOLZ
Staked 6826.544 SPORTS to manuvert
Staked 6223.62 SPORTS to manuvert
Staked 5985.355 SPORTS to manuvert
Received 11.068 SPORTS from thisisawesome Rewards on delegation.
Staked 5469.672 SPORTS to manuvert
Staked 9878.216 SPORTS to manuvert
Staked 6740.474 SPORTS to manuvert
Staked 7027.716 SPORTS to manuvert
Received 100.457 SPORTS from lolz.pool SPORTS dividend for holding 624.0 LOLZ
Staked 7312.08 SPORTS to manuvert
Staked 7846.277 SPORTS to manuvert
Staked 4172.652 SPORTS to manuvert
Received 23.658 SPORTS from thisisawesome Rewards on delegation.
Staked 2325.656 SPORTS to manuvert
Staked 5328.308 SPORTS to manuvert
Staked 7403.996 SPORTS to manuvert
Staked 6622.614 SPORTS to manuvert
Staked 7072.37 SPORTS to manuvert
Received 115.067 SPORTS from lolz.pool SPORTS dividend for holding 600.0 LOLZ
Staked 4071.427 SPORTS to manuvert
Staked 7024.602 SPORTS to manuvert
Staked 5647.699 SPORTS to manuvert
Staked 8135.598 SPORTS to manuvert
Received 14.758 SPORTS from thisisawesome Rewards on delegation.
Staked 5233.26 SPORTS to manuvert
Staked 1658.057 SPORTS to manuvert
Staked 8261.56 SPORTS to manuvert
Staked 6252.68 SPORTS to manuvert
Staked 3025.376 SPORTS to manuvert
Staked 5015.151 SPORTS to manuvert
Staked 1623.673 SPORTS to manuvert
Received 216.34 SPORTS from lolz.pool SPORTS dividend for holding 580.0 LOLZ
Staked 7907.3 SPORTS to manuvert
Staked 4871.197 SPORTS to manuvert
Staked 7076.11 SPORTS to manuvert
Staked 3902.177 SPORTS to manuvert