Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPORTS can be converted to SPORTS POWER in a process called staking.
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-10174.678 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Curation reward: 8.936 SPORTS for dylanhobalart/actifit-dylanhobalart-20220116t015038398z
Author reward: 12.310 SPORTS for rmach/actifit-rmach-20220116t000620163z
Staked 633.619 SPORTS to rmach
Curation reward: 9.033 SPORTS for karatespace/karatespace-foto-do-dia-r5amzn
Author reward: 1192.147 SPORTS for rmach/actifit-rmach-20220114t234314798z
Curation reward: 9.012 SPORTS for karatespace/karatespace-foto-do-dia-r5amwm
Curation reward: 9.127 SPORTS for cryptospa/actifit-cryptospa-20220114t101614496z
Curation reward: 9.051 SPORTS for fitpinay/actifit-fitpinay-20220114t061250538z
Curation reward: 9.211 SPORTS for karatespace/karatespace-foto-do-dia-r5amt6
Curation reward: 9.205 SPORTS for rmach/actifit-rmach-20220112t235709073z
Author reward: 10.602 SPORTS for rmach/actifit-rmach-20220112t235709073z
Curation reward: 9.449 SPORTS for karatespace/karatespace-foto-do-dia-r5amqq
Curation reward: 0.393 SPORTS for browery/actifit-browery-20220112t062322435z
Staked 26.327 SPORTS to rmach
Curation reward: 9.410 SPORTS for karatespace/karatespace-foto-do-dia-r40z9w
Curation reward: 9.026 SPORTS for karatespace/karatespace-foto-do-dia-r40z8v
Curation reward: 9.466 SPORTS for ervin-lemark/xhst-activity-1641812053
Curation reward: 0.376 SPORTS for ilodz24hd/actifit-ilodz24hd-20220110t091853457z
Curation reward: 9.192 SPORTS for cryptospa/actifit-cryptospa-20220110t065936276z
Curation reward: 9.002 SPORTS for fitpinay/actifit-fitpinay-20220110t060844455z
Curation reward: 0.369 SPORTS for rozioo/actifit-rozioo-20220109t224257880z
Author reward: 5.801 SPORTS for rmach/actifit-rmach-20220109t220333713z
Staked 694.199 SPORTS to rmach
Curation reward: 9.045 SPORTS for karatespace/karatespace-foto-do-dia-r40z7j
Curation reward: 9.119 SPORTS for fitpinay/actifit-fitpinay-20220108t235906075z
Curation reward: 9.157 SPORTS for karatespace/karatespace-foto-do-dia-r40z1n
Curation reward: 9.257 SPORTS for vesytz/actifit-vesytz-20220108t080546505z
Author reward: 552.317 SPORTS for rmach/actifit-rmach-20220107t233649187z
Curation reward: 9.320 SPORTS for rmach/actifit-rmach-20220107t231547789z
Author reward: 10.188 SPORTS for rmach/actifit-rmach-20220107t231547789z
Curation reward: 9.189 SPORTS for karatespace/karatespace-foto-do-dia-r40z0t
Curation reward: 8.822 SPORTS for karatespace/hsebqrsr
Curation reward: 8.823 SPORTS for cryptospa/actifit-cryptospa-20220107t085657396z
Curation reward: 9.302 SPORTS for vesytz/actifit-vesytz-20220107t063712940z
Curation reward: 9.083 SPORTS for fitpinay/actifit-fitpinay-20220106t214144495z
Curation reward: 8.914 SPORTS for karatespace/karatespace-foto-do-dia-r40yzs
Curation reward: 9.343 SPORTS for niko.lemark/snowboard-with-us-video
Curation reward: 8.939 SPORTS for elianaicgomes/actifit-elianaicgomes-20220105t233230400z
Curation reward: 8.752 SPORTS for pedroerami/mis-primeros-paseos-en-bicicleta-del-ano-my-first-bike-rides-of-the-year
Curation reward: 9.282 SPORTS for boddhistats/actifit-boddhistats-20220105t183018826z
Curation reward: 9.179 SPORTS for vesytz/actifit-vesytz-20220105t181613687z
Curation reward: 9.367 SPORTS for karatespace/karatespace-foto-do-dia-r40yyp
Curation reward: 9.577 SPORTS for rmach/actifit-rmach-20220104t231356393z
Author reward: 613.001 SPORTS for rmach/actifit-rmach-20220104t231356393z
Curation reward: 9.166 SPORTS for fitpinay/actifit-fitpinay-20220104t224427925z
Curation reward: 9.414 SPORTS for cryptospa/actifit-cryptospa-20220104t115746158z
Curation reward: 9.495 SPORTS for rmach/actifit-rmach-20220103t221920237z
Author reward: 11.020 SPORTS for rmach/actifit-rmach-20220103t221920237z
Curation reward: 9.311 SPORTS for vesytz/actifit-vesytz-20220103t204304733z
Staked 1021.718 SPORTS to rmach
Curation reward: 9.426 SPORTS for karatespace/karatespace-foto-do-dia-r40ywc
Curation reward: 9.216 SPORTS for actifit/happy-new-year-2022-win-extra-10-hive-in-gadget-prize-pool-actifit-weekly-staff-picks-122-actifit-gadget-prize-110-results-roun
Curation reward: 9.123 SPORTS for vesytz/actifit-vesytz-20220102t160200648z
Author reward: 0.009 SPORTS for rmach/useless-information-77-what-is-the-weight-of-a-soccer-ball
Staked 372.512 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 62.7 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 709.333 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 20.688 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 20.883 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 1397.149 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 4.12 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 1116.081 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 7.879 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 14.922 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 828.293 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 126.542 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 7.211 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 1426.484 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 210.1 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 395.792 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 842.902 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 17.471 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 526.394 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 3.422 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 166.376 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 19.867 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 12.93 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 1304.752 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 18.861 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 5.914 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 79.979 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 193.92 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 608.554 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 73.509 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 353.724 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 1771.919 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 84.71 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 9.911 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 410.497 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 240.522 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 207.984 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 7.534 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 1722.954 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 201.052 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 206.235 SPORTS to rmach
Received 0.027 SPORTS from he-indexrewards Your HE-Index holdings returned 0.027 SPORTS Tokens!
Staked 1125.98 SPORTS to rmach
Received 0.139 SPORTS from he-indexrewards Your HE-Index holdings returned 0.139 SPORTS Tokens!
Staked 117.846 SPORTS to rmach
Staked 3561.217 SPORTS to rmach