Sportstalk Curation Showcase #46

Hello and welcome to the 46th edition of the Sportstalk Curation Showcase. The idea behind this is to highlight members in the Sportstalk Community with the hope they can pick up an extra follow or two. All of the following posts fall within the 7 day window of curation at time of posting.

Death, Taxes and Real Madrid

@lordbutterfly discusses the Real Madrid vs Liverpool game from a few nights ago as it was easy on the eye. The obvious part what stood out for myself was the gulf in class as it was boys vs men and Liverpool were the boys being shown how to play football. I never watched the CBS feed as @lordbutterfly mentions Jamie Carragher was crushed afterwards and not surprising as the defeat was that one sided. The teams didn't deserve to be on the same pitch as Real Madrid came from being 2 goals down which kind of makes things worse winning the game 5 nil after that point. I think any English team would have suffered the same type of bashing Liverpool did as real Mdrid had gears they hadn't even used yet and didn't need them.

Stuart Broad and the return of the Sticky Dog

@talesfrmthecrypt pulls out another gem this week where he combines research along with his vast knowledge of cricket. Stuart Broad who I never rated at first when he appeared on the scene, but has proved me wrong time and time again. If you love cricket or football then Tales is one to follow as he is like a living encyclopedia of facts.

Full Swing Golf Netflix Review.

@blanchy is the second Irishmen in the last few days to mention Full Swing the new gold reality series on Netflix. This is similar to Drive To Survive
where you get to learn more about the characters in the sport. Even if you don't like golf then I suggest you still watch it as this is seriously interesting understanding what it takes to be a professional sportsman. Many things will overlap into other sports as the commitment is obvious to see and attention to detail.

Hive FPL - Game Week 25 Match Previews & Key Stats

The team behind the @hivefpl tag is seriously good and well worth following with the amount of information and time they use to get these posts ready for publishing. They never fail to disappoint and anyone not scoring huge fantasy points each week should be taken around the shed and beaten lol. One can learn so much from the information provided even kind of guessing which way the game may be heading unless they are a fan of a particular team. Upsets happen and no one saw the Leicester City drubbing of Spurs as that came from nowhere. This is the Premiership however and there are no easy gimme games to be had so finding an edge is what this post is all about and a tool to improve your fantasy point haul each week.

There is one extra point I would like to raise this week and that is of engagement. I will make it short and sweet as the answer s if you don't get busy and involved I cannot help curate your posts as they only get rejected when submitted. Over the last week I have had quite a few turned away for various reasons with the main one being posting on other platforms or a lack of engagement.

I would like to say a big thank you to the contributors this week and everyone active in the Sportstalk tribe as everyone of you makes a difference. Until next time have a great week.

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Thank you very much for the mention, and remember to check in on your FPL team this weekend.