Back to the 400m series: March 23 2022


The bad thing about running more distance is losing speed... So it was time to try how much and in which way I would have been giving up speed in order to run these 10km at a 3'50"/km rhythm. Since I cannot afford to start to do few kilometers in a Wednesday and less in this rainy week where we don't know what tomorrow will bring, I decided at least to start to do double series. Meaning instead of a recuperation 400m, to continue with another fast one. Rest time was set to 1'15". Bad choice. After running the first one too quick (1'17"), I got surprised a bit by the wind and the second serie completely failed (1'24"). I tried to regulate a bit, but my legs didn't want to execute what my head was telling. I don't even like these days on training because they make me doubt even though I just should take them as an opportunity to learn. I decided to take a small break after 6x 400m and do another 6x 400m together with my friend Victor with each time 400m recuperation (about 3'20"-3'30").Here I did find the desired rhythm of 1'19"-1'20" and finishing with 1'17", breaking down my 400m in 3-4 parts. Now I'm better prepared for next time, even though I might oblige myself to start in the same way to eventually run them at about 1'19"-1'20" with 1'15" rest. But that are worries for after Eastern. Let's hope that the weather will allow me to train well in the weekend...

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