How To Move Someone Away From A Place Without Hurting Him

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There are different situations we face and we have to do something without hurting others. If you want someone to leave a certain place, just ask him in a nice way. Hopefully, he will leave the place.

In spite of asking him politely if he does not leave the place, you can ask him nicely placing one hand to his shoulder and one hand to his arm. He will listen to you and leave the place. Well, what if he does not leave the place and tries to attack you? Let's watch this video.

In this video, it is explained very well what to do in this situation. If you just put your hand on his shoulder and one hand on his arms, you can easily deal with any situation if he tries to attack you. From this position, you can control his movement.

If you are in front of him, he can grab a bottle and attack you. Well, if you are in front of him and he attacks you with a bottle, you can move and defend that like what you usually do when someone attacks you with a knife. The movement is the same.

You can grab his hand and move behind him. You can grab his chin in one direction and his hand in the opposite direction. Now you are in control. In this way, you can move him away from there without hurting him.

Okay, you grab and hold him the way it is mentioned here, still, you find it very difficult to move him. Why is that? Maybe there is something you have not done right. One little trick I'm going to share here. When you grab the attacker, make him off-balance, no matter even if he is stronger than you, you can move him away from the place.

Everything does not necessarily end up with a fight. You can grab, lock and move the guy out of there. At the end of the day, we do not want any trouble. We all want to be happy.

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