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I talk about different techniques of martial arts. Hope some of you will be inspired to learn self defense. We learn many things in life. You go to school and study because you need that in life. Education is the backbone of a nation and you should be educated.

If your life is in danger and you are being attacked, it is better to learn some self defense so that you can defend yourself.


When you are prepared, you can face the situation successfully. Learning self defense is not a fancy thing to do, it is a requirement for your self defense. When we talk about the fight, strike, counter-attack, it is not that we like to fight. What we all want is to save our life and go back home alive.

Sometimes I share videos and talk about different techniques and alternative techniques that you can apply in that situation. If you know the technique, still you might not be able to apply that successfully. It is because you are not fast enough. You have power, you know how to do it the correct way, still, it will not work unless you put speed in your movement.

If you are slow, you cannot react to the situation quickly. In a fight for self defense, you have to observe the situation, react to it fast. In this situation, you will see the speed and reaction time.

I have recently made posts about intercepting the intention. If you have not read that yet, I highly recommend reading that. Here's the link.

Intercepting The Intention For Self Defense 1
Intercepting The Intention For Self Defense 2

To intercept your opponent attack, you have to be very fast. If you want to intercept the kick, you have to kick your opponent before his kick reaches you. This is very effective in self defense. Likewise, if you figure out the attacker's intention, you can prevent him from doing that. And you can save your life.

Speed matters in martial arts. Thank you so much for reading this post. If you like martial arts and want to learn more about self defense, you can check out some of my recent posts.

Please feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comment section. Stay safe. Always be happy!
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@rezoanulvibes, We never know which situation will going to greet us in which face so we have to be prepared to react. If we are not prepared then anyone can dominate us. Stay blessed.

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That's true. I'm making content about martial arts and self defense to spread awareness. Hope some people will find it useful and take action to learn martial arts. It will have a positive impact on their life and save their life against possible attack.

Thank you @chireerocks for taking the time for reading my post and giving your feedback. Have a nice day!

Welcome and thank you so much. Keep up the good work and keep spreading the Knowledge.

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While talking about martial arts, I already shared something that is from India. I know there are great things in India that we can talk about. Here are some posts that I already shared.


Thank you so much @chireerocks for your kind words of encouragement! I appreciate that!
See you around! :)

Great to know about that and keep exploring and keep Awakening more people towards self defense. Stay blessed.

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