How To Defend Against Locking Hands and Head From The Behind


If you watch a video and talk about the situation, it will be better to understand. When I share any video, it is not that I like everything that shows in the video. Maybe I like some techniques that are effective for self defense. Or, sometimes I share videos to show what can be done in that situation. And I share some alternative techniques as well.

If someone grabs your hands and puts pressure on your neck just like the thumbnail of the video that you can see below, what should you do?


By the way, I don't understand the language that is spoken in this video. So if you understand the language, that's better to know what they said. You can comment below if you understand the language.

From 1:56 to 3:01 Minutes
When someone grabs you like that, you will find it difficult to move. Now if you can grab the head of the attacker, you can throw him like this that shows in this video.

When the first time someone grabs you, he might not grab and hold you so tight, you can grab his head and throw him on the ground. How about someone who is stronger than you are and grabs you so tight?

How To Defend Against Locking Hands and Head From The Behind.jpg

If you face a situation like this in real life, you see the attacker tries his best to hold you. If you are a woman and the guy who attacks you is very strong. And you cannot grab his head.

So is there any way to get rid of this?

In fact, there is a very easy and effective technique to get rid of this. He is able to grab you like this because of the way your hands are on the side. He uses it as a trap. Now just remove that trap. Raise your both hands up to the sky, move your one leg to the side and sit down fast. The attacker will not be able to hod you. And you are free.

From 3:05 to 4:10 Minutes
Someone grabs your neck around the head and pulls you. The attacker is behind you, so when you pull you like this, you usually lose your body balance. If you try to do this technique, there is something that you might miss. That's why you cannot make this work for you.

When you try to apply this technique, you see you do not find the strength to grab his wrist and turn his elbow like that. If you cannot get the balance when he pulls you, you will not make this technique work for you. So when the attacker pulls you, regain your body balance first and then apply this technique. You will see the difference.

Hope you find this useful. Thank you so much for reading this post and watching this video. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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