When You Have No Choice Except Fight For Self Defense

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Sometimes you don't know your attacker is so close to you. You just turn around and see him threating with a knife or any weapon and ask you for money. We always recommend that if you can avoid a fight, that's better. But sometimes there are situations you cannot just walk away.

If he has a knife, don't make any silly move. If he gets the signal that you can attack him, he will be more careful or attack you instead. You can just give him money and at the time of receiving your money, he might get a little distracted, that's your opportunity to make your move and defend yourself. Or, if he is distracted by something when he is holding the knife, you can make your move to defend against the knife.

When the robber asks you for money or your phone or anything valuable you have, you can give to him. Even after that, he attacks you with the knife, you cannot just stand there and get hurt. You have to counter-attack to defend yourself. When things happen suddenly and that is something like this, you have no choice except fight back.

The ultimate goal of your moves and counter-attack is to defend yourself and go back home alive. Let's watch this video.

You should try to defend, turn and move toward his back. Then you can attack him, but it would be difficult for him to attack you. Usually, in this kind of situation, the attacker gets close to you, so you can use palm strike, hammer fist, elbow strike, and knee charge. You can grab him and move him in the other way and take control of the situation.

Hope you learn something watching this video. If you find it useful, please let me know in the comment section. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post and watching this video.

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@rezoanulvibes Hello dear friend. You are very right in what you raise in the post. If someone attacks you for your material goods, you have to surrender, nothing is as valuable as life, although many times that is not enough and it is where it is good to have knowledge of how to act in that situation, there are those who are paralyzed at the sight of a weapon and others in reverse, the good thing is to have certain knowledge to know what to do in an equal situation
I wish you a great day

Yes, I agree with that. We usually react in a different in that time. For example, if someone throws a punch, you usually move back so that that punch does not hit you. Now if you are trained, you can move to the side and counter-attack, you will do that.

Thanks a lot @jlufer for your feedback.
Have a nice day!