Planning vs Responding to the Situation - Self Defense


When you plan to do something, you think something is going to happen and you have an image of the situation. You do your plan according to that. There are a lot of things that can happen and there are lots of variables that have an impact on the situation. So what you plan before and when you are in that situation, there is a huge gap.

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In theory, something looks good, but when things get real, you see the reality is something else. When we think of self defense, we assure we are going to do this against that. The fact is, this is not black and white.

When you practice martial arts and train with your partner, that's great to get used to doing certain moves. If he kicks you, you block and kick him or if he kicks you, you block and get inside to attack him with punches. This is nice and clean.

If you plan to do something in a situation where you have to fight for self defense, most of the time, your plan might not work because this is not what you thought it should be. That's why observing the situation and be aware of where you are can help you a lot when you make your move for self defense.

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You can have a strategy. You have to respond to the situation. Sometimes you have to fight back with a lot of force, sometimes you just make your move to get out of there or escape. Maybe there are a lot of bad guys. Your strategy can be - escape or get out of there as soon as possible without getting in a serious fight.

We talk about self defense and different moves. There is something that we do not talk that much, but that is very important. No matter where you live, there are laws and regulations. Law enforcement agency is there. You can think about what would happen after that. And don't do any silly thing so that you do not have to go to jail.

So when you fight for self defense, respond to the situation based on your observation. Drop your ego. If you can defend yourself and go back home alive, that's all that matters.

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