Different Kicks For Self Defense

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When your opponent is far away, you cannot make your move. To punch your opponent, you have to be in the punching range. You can use your longest weapon legs to kick. There are different kicks you can do in a fight. Some kicks look awesome. Maybe there are some kicks you do not want to do in a street fight.

Let's talk about some basic kicks that are very useful in a street fight as well as in a fighting competition. Front kick, side kick, and roundhouse kick.

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You will see little variations on these kicks based on which martial art you practice. To do a front kick, you raise your leg up and front, then deliver the kick. You usually hit with the hill of your leg when you do front kick. In some martial arts, they use the toe to hit when they do front kick.

Now you can do the front kick to get two different results. If you want to push your opponent, you can do front kick. Sometimes it can be used to punch your opponent and make the distance. Sometimes front kick is used to hit the opponent. When you hit with your hill, your front kick can make more damage.

Side kick is one of the most powerful kicks. To do a side kick, you have to raise the leg to the side and deliver the kick. Don't keep your toe up when you do side kick. When you do side kick, make sure you do not lean too much, then you will not get much power.

When you are good at doing side kick, you can practice sliding side kick. In order to do sliding side kick, your rear leg comes to the place of the front leg and do the side kick with your front leg.

Roundhouse kick is one of the most common kicks. To do roundhouse kick, you have to raise your leg, turn and throw the kick. The power of roundhouse kick comes from turning your waist and using your body.

As soon as you do a roundhouse kick, don't keep your leg over there. Bend your leg and get it back fast. If you do roundhouse kick and your opponent catches your leg, that's bad news. Make sure your opponent is unable to catch your leg. You can do a roundhouse kick with a lot of power. Always keep your balance when you kick.

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This should be taught in every school .....
Maybe we wouldn’t be seeing so many weak people nowadays ..... thanks for sharing

A child can earn quickly. Yes, it would be great if they are taught martial arts and self defense from their school. Thank you @xmauron3 for your comment!

@rezoanulvibes Hello dear friend.
The well-made kick may be the best defense, with a well given stop it is possible to neutralize the opponent.
Thank you very much for sharing all these defeza techniques
I wish you a great day

Thank you my friend for your comment. I appreciate your feedback, @jlufer!