Rabona - Seasons 15 and 16 - League 2, Upgrading Stadium


Rabona - Football Manager at its finest*

Season 15, League 2 - Final Standings

Snow Lions had a 47% winning percentage.

Meet the team. The best player is officially a goalie yet he plays in the midfield.

Since I finally invested in buildings the season had a positive financial outcome.

Season 16, League 2 - After 26 Matches Played

Investing in the stadium and other structures, bringing them to level 7 mostly. See cover photo.

I bought 2M RBM for 17 Hive. The ROI is 54 matches or almost two seasons. We are talking about $2.4 here.

I am quite happy to linger in League 2. Not hurry for the promotion yet.

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Must read introductions and instructions for the beginners, masterfully prepared by @jelly13:

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Join me at kicking some ball and improving your team all the way to the top -> Rabona*


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