Curation Nation...IS THAT DEFLATION?

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With Geopolitical tensions rising and some nations really turning to Crypto as a solution to their nation's fiat being in total chaos, it's a very interesting time to watch so much change.

I've heard a lot of buzz about some changes coming that will probably impact most of us and am not sure what to make of it but guess just carrying on seems about the best course. Anyways, Here are some stellar reads from STS and Actifit and sports communities.



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^ random crypto pal art, yes that is me, yes I've voiced for many hours, yes a few whales and steemians actually know I am not some dude named bob. Thanks for the support and hope to have some fun (for a change, right?).

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@rezoanulvibes is indeed the Bruce Lee of blogging!

I hope to learn how to fight when attacked by squirrels soon.

lol, Squirrel Fu

Squirrel Fu... lol...

lol, @rezoanulv.sports you may gotta make a post of how to self protect from killa' squirrels :P
"When giant squirrels attack you from behind, protect your nuts with these 5 steps!!!"

I also hopes this changes also get to reach steem

not sure if the changes are good or bad, VOICE is gonna be an interesting change with their policies for sure

nice - i like real curation stuff - time to become more active again

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