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in sportstalk •  8 months ago 

Lazing around stumbling across a few good reads and wanted to just pull some needles outta haystacks. If you know of any new users or ones who may need a bit of a boost, please comment below on some good STS initiatives or blogs to share.


breaker womans.png
(custom breakers by @julstamban)

(thanks for weird ass random gif/meme thing to @samest from the interwebs)

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That gif reminds me of my kitten parkouring around the house.

sasseh kitteh

Thanks Kindly for the feature truly appreciated

sent you a few sports too, no prob at are
have a good one

Thanks again so kind of you :)

Thanks for the shout out. You should see them at night...IMG_20190802_222843.jpg

I like you are the sole ref upvoting my works as of late, so cute ( addendum , I think abh who is the other fave of mine did yesterdays curation feast) tooooo hard toooo keeeep up with
cough :)
Yes they are reallllly awesome, I love outside patios that are like zen pads, guessing the Mrs. Bozz designed it, good eye whoever did regardless (do you take custom orders) , :)

I lost twenty pounds sweating the day I put those up. It was a nightmare. They were well worth it though.

I must do this thing then! Half the size or what you didwill take off the 10 lbs. of junk that should beep when I back up, thanks for the exercise idea, lol

I really live your voting initiative. Your kind gesture is really awesome

Thanks, trying to give back to what is a subjective take on some great work. Throwing in some liquid sports to whoever kinda got me either laughing or in the feels makes it sweeter.
Feel Better Soon, we needs ya' YOUR voice is worth something. In case group think ever gets annoying :)

I'd not mind sports boost