20K Race Simulation with 1 x 60 min SSR


Saturday morning 7 am. Time for a two hours long race simulation whatever that is. The idea of the workout is:

  • 30 minutes warmup
  • 60 minutes SSR with 5 minutes of jog afterwards
  • 25 minutes of cooldown

SSR stands for Steady State Run or High-end aerobic exercise.

The fast part probably wasn't fast enough since the profile was quite flat. Still, it was technical at places because of the muddy field roads so I am satisfied with the result.

It was a foggy and cold morning. Something between late winter and early spring. We has a few snowflakes yesterday in the evening after a day of rain.

Let the photos tell the story.

Recreational path by the right bank of the river Sava with pools and almost frozen surface.

Four kilometres into the run there is a disc golf course. We need to come here on some fine spring day.

The bridge over the Sava is a convenient place to give shelter to a climbing boulder.

On the other bank and running toward home, more mud on the field roads.

This part was the most technical. I didn't manage to avoid all the pools and muddy patches.

Here is where our stream Črnušnjica flows into the Sava.

The shoes, Salming Trail 6 were reasonably clean after the run.

Altitude profile and section times. 5:48 pace for the SSR part. I did take walking breaks every 15 minutes to simulate refreshment stations at some imaginary marathon race.

The map with basic data of the run. Almost 20 K :)

It is sunny now and quite windy. The weekend begins for real.

Check out some detailed info at my EXHAUST page
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All the physical activity data that I display in my @exhaust and @actifit reports is gathered with the help of COROS Vertix 2 sports watch and displayed with COROS app.

Metrics and training plans are devised and analysed with the help of COROS Training Hub, currently in beta mode.

Proof of Run on Strava

This run on Strava | Strava profile

Better and better


Awesome run mate. Keep it up, I'll still be following along even after exhaust finishes up, you're doing an awesome job.


Hey, thanks and likewise.

after exhaust finishes up

Did I miss something?