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Author reward: 16.191 SPORTS for imam-hasan/2j2wt8
Curation reward: 0.649 SPORTS for fa-him/dlhnn-or-or
Author reward: 34.192 SPORTS for imam-hasan/4sbsvn
Curation reward: 0.667 SPORTS for fa-him/champions-league-or-or-round-four-of-champions-league-group-stage
Author reward: 15.675 SPORTS for imam-hasan/4y2vwe
Author reward: 16.003 SPORTS for imam-hasan/2ckict
Author reward: 15.779 SPORTS for imam-hasan/2tecmi
Author reward: 15.533 SPORTS for imam-hasan/new-zealand-vs-south-africa-32nd-match-icc-world-cup-2023
Author reward: 15.425 SPORTS for imam-hasan/5h4qj7
Curation reward: 0.581 SPORTS for fa-him/india-vs-new-zealand-or-or-a-match-between-two-table-toppers
Author reward: 1980.653 SPORTS for imam-hasan/netherlands-vs-sri-lanka-19th-match-icc-world-cup-2023
Author reward: 1414.513 SPORTS for imam-hasan/jsukz
Author reward: 15.789 SPORTS for imam-hasan/6fq3mw
Author reward: 15.702 SPORTS for imam-hasan/afghanistan-vs-england-icc-cricket-world-cup-2023
Author reward: 15.734 SPORTS for imam-hasan/india-vs-pakistan-icc-cricket-world-cup-2023
Curation reward: 0.574 SPORTS for fa-him/another-unsuccessful-tournament-for-bangladesh
Curation reward: 0.548 SPORTS for fa-him/brazil-vs-bolivia-or-or-world-cup-qualifier
Author reward: 887.298 SPORTS for imam-hasan/bangladesh-lost-two-matches-in-a-row-in-the-super-four
Author reward: 858.197 SPORTS for imam-hasan/ykpus
Author reward: 818.406 SPORTS for imam-hasan/5vky8e
Author reward: 528.305 SPORTS for imam-hasan/6cnp8t
Curation reward: 0.469 SPORTS for fa-him/finally-the-victory-of-relief-or-or-bangladesh-is-in-the-super-four
Author reward: 13.684 SPORTS for imam-hasan/s0ef81
Curation reward: 0.464 SPORTS for fa-him/can-bangladesh-qualify-for-the-asia-cup-super-four
Author reward: 808.548 SPORTS for imam-hasan/7spz7z
Author reward: 1182.177 SPORTS for imam-hasan/64m7we
Curation reward: 0.440 SPORTS for fa-him/juventus-vs-real-madrid-or-or-club-friendlies
Curation reward: 0.412 SPORTS for fa-him/india-beat-west-indies-to-win-the-odi-series
Curation reward: 0.404 SPORTS for fa-him/can-australia-wins-over-england
Curation reward: 0.404 SPORTS for fa-him/pakistan-wins-the-series-against-sri-lanka
Curation reward: 0.399 SPORTS for fa-him/arsenal-vs-barcelona-or-or-club-friendlies
Author reward: 839.023 SPORTS for imam-hasan/4njd5w
Author reward: 514.361 SPORTS for imam-hasan/2drufc
Curation reward: 0.399 SPORTS for fa-him/acc-men-s-emerging-asia-cup-2k23
Author reward: 12.734 SPORTS for imam-hasan/bangladesh-team-won-the-t20-series
Author reward: 593.292 SPORTS for imam-hasan/4kxqdb
Curation reward: 0.231 SPORTS for fa-him/bangladesh-s-victory-in-the-breathtaking-match
Author reward: 697.375 SPORTS for imam-hasan/g34ea
Author reward: 4545.803 SPORTS for imam-hasan/5alfwt
Author reward: 3878.886 SPORTS for imam-hasan/4bby3u
Curation reward: 0.099 SPORTS for fa-him/tamim-iqbal-is-back-again
Author reward: 529.775 SPORTS for imam-hasan/4nf7re
Curation reward: 0.100 SPORTS for fa-him/australia-vs-england-or-or-australia-beat-england-again
Curation reward: 0.102 SPORTS for fa-him/a-tournaments-with-lot-of-achievements
Curation reward: 0.071 SPORTS for fa-him/ireland-are-out-of-icc-world-cup-2023
Curation reward: 0.075 SPORTS for fa-him/bangladesh-football
Author reward: 973.238 SPORTS for imam-hasan/e2ty1
Author reward: 1337.282 SPORTS for imam-hasan/5nxofs
Author reward: 12.057 SPORTS for imam-hasan/4jdtjd
Curation reward: 0.030 SPORTS for riz611/we-supersonic-lad