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What's up basketball world! For today's training, we will have a training video featuring "How To Get Handles At Home | 5 Dribbling Drills To Do Anywhere" by Pro Basketball Training. Using this tutorial, we got five dribbling variations that you can do at home. Now, let's get right into it.


All right, so the five drills we’re going to teach you today deals with only one basketball and a chair. You can do it at home while you're watching TV or just hanging out. Just make sure to use a part of your home where your parents or the people who run the house aren't going to get upset with you using the house for dribbling the basketball and working out at home. A garage is always a good place. Maybe the living room if you got hardwood or carpet that your parents don't mind you dribbling on. But make sure you're somewhere safe or nothing you get broken.

So, when you set yourself up, sit to the edge of the chair so you have as much space underneath your legs to use that area to dribble through your legs and put your legs at a 90-degree angle. So, bend your knee and your legs should go straight down.


#1. Fingertips Dribble Ea. Hands (50x)

The first variation is you're just going to do fingertip dribbles with each hand. Put the ball and dribble right on your fingertip as fast as possible and you're going to do 50 reps on each side so once you get to fifty on the right side, do a crossover then do 50 on the other side too.

#2. Cross Over (50x)

The next variation is you're going to do a crossover. So, once you got your legs spread about at a comfortable distance, you're just going to cross over underneath your legs going back and forth. With this one, you can either do tight ones here, you can do wide ones to really work on that crossover, but you're just going back and forth at a comfortable pace and you're going to do 50 of these as well so back and forth is one.

#3. Figure 8’s (50x)

The next one is what we call figure eights. And it's the same thing as if you're standing up and we're going to do one dribble figure eight. So, you’re going to spread your legs out a little wider give some extra, some extra space. You’re going to go through your legs here over the top through your legs here. Go at a comfortable pace, and keep your eyes up while you're doing this drill. Make sure you do that as well and you're going to do 50.

#4. One leg Two legs (50x)

Number four is you're going to do inside cross over then under both legs, so one leg two legs, two legs one leg. All right you see in the video how to do in out and out just like that and you're going to do 50 of those.

#5. Around the World (50x)

The last one is around the world. So, for this one I want you to bring your legs back in, make sure they're at that 90 degrees and you're going to cross over underneath and go over the top just like you're doing a big circle around the legs so you're going to do 50 one way and then you're going to do 50 the other way. Try to keep your eyes up again and then once you get it going, then you can move that ball a little faster.


And that's it. I hope this training video helps you guys with your dribbling skills. To all basketball players out there who want to improve themselves, stay tuned for more of these training videos. See you around!

Credits to Pro Basketball Training


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Nice post . Most try a few of these .

Thanks @blanchy.sports Stay tuned for more of these tutorials. :)