Basic Block In Self Defense


In the previous posts, we talked about different strikes like punch, hook, elbow strike, hammer fist, and kick. Today we are going to talk about basic block that you should know.

You have to learn how to parry and block different strikes, otherwise, you will have no idea what to do in a fight when your opponent attacks you. We can use palm slap parry and outside parry to defend against punches. Just learn these blocks first, you can do a lot of things with this later.

Let's watch this video.

In palm slap parry, you have to move your hand from side and block with your palm. First, practice the movement and make sure you do it right.

I highly recommend learning martial art from martial art experts You think you are doing it right, but you might make some mistakes that you do not even realize that. Your teacher can show you exactly what you are not doing right.

Here I can tell you what to do and I can share a video from YouTube that shows almost the same thing what I'm saying. But I cannot see you. So learn martial arts from martial arts instructors.

I'm sharing information and tell you how to do it. If you have the basic foundation, you can follow it and make things work for you.

When someone punches you, you can use palm slap parry (others can call this block in a different name) to block punch. You can also use outside parry to block punches. When you do outside parry, your hand moves from the center of your body to outside. You can watch the video and get the idea of the movement of these blocks.

If you learn this basic block, you can use this not only defend against punches but also defend against kicks. Ask your training partner and practice this with him. If your arms are not strong enough, you will find it difficult to block for the first time. Don't worry. Keep practicing. When you get used to it, you will find it easier to use this to block punches.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. I really appreciate your feedback and support. If you like martial arts and want to learn more more self defense, please stay tuned. I will keep sharing.

Take care. See you around!

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