Basic Self Defense - Self Defense Against Collar Grab and Counter-Attack

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Sometimes people grab the collar of the shirt and throw a straight punch. When someone grabs the collar of your shirt, you cannot move back and you are stuck there. So when the attacker punches you, you might get hit. This is a problem. Let's talk about it.

Master Wong made a video about this topic. Let's watch this video. Later, we will talk about what alternative techniques you can use in this situation.

When someone grabs the collar of your shirt, it feels like you are in a trap. You cannot move from there or step backward and the attack can attack you. Let's change this and use it as a trap for the attack.

The moment the attack grabs the collar of your shirt, you can grab his wrist that holding your collar. Now the attacker cannot move. In case he punches you, you can move his wrist a little bit and it would be difficult for him to punch you. I know there are some guys who still punch you. You have the other hand to defend that punch.

As soon as you defend the punch, attack him. You can kick him to his leg or you can kick his upper parts of the body. Then you can get rid of him.

Shirt grab.jpg

There are many situations where you just do not want to hit the attacker. But since he attacks you grabbing the collar of your shirt, you can teach him a lesson.

When the attacker grabs your shirt, you can grab his wrist, turn, hyperextend and apply pressure to his wrist. This is going to be very painful. He will not be in a position to attack you anymore. Then you can let him go if he does not make any trouble.

In this situation, you can also bend his elbow, grab and move behind him while holding his chin to the opposite direction. Using this technique, you can move the attacker from there. Sometimes you might need to do that. And you can use this technique.

That's it for now. Thank you so much for reading this post and watching the video. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comment section. I'd love to hear from you. If you want to add something, please comment below.

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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Source: Video and Video Credit: Master Wong

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@rezoanulvibes hello dear friend.
Any type of attack you can defend and use against him to the extent that you know these tencinas, so I appreciate that you give us these videos and their corresponding explanation. thank you very much dear friend
I wish you a great day

Thank you @jlufer for your comment! When you have confidence and live happily without fear, that is going to change everything. I'm sharing my knowledge about martial arts and self defense. Hope people will find it useful and it will have a positive impact on their life.