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I would like to thank everyone for your support and kind words of encouragement. I usually talk about martial arts and self defense. Today I made a post - Do You Need To Condition Your Legs?. I got a comment from @claudio83.sports. Let's see the comment.

"I'm not a martial artist, but as a child I used to watch a lot of Van Damme. In the kickboxer movie he trains by kicking a tree and I think it was the banana tree. I thought it was surreal as training, but instead I read that you really train like this"

So what we see in the movies, do we need to go through that in our martial arts training?

In different martial art movies, sometimes we see something that is not real. People usually do not train like that. But if that movie is made based on reality, you see most of the things in martial arts training.

Let's watch the video. Hope @claudio83.sports is talking about this.

The way you see doing stretching here, I do not see doing stretching like that. Before doing stretching, you have to do some exercise. You can do swing kick. Then you do stretching. Yes, your teacher puts little pressure while doing stretching. That's true. But with rope like this, I did not see that.

During doing kick, his teacher holds two sticks in front of him. We usually see in training holding pad and students kick on the pad. There are kick bags. Students practice kick on the kick bag.

Sticks like this are also used in training. There are ropes wrapping the stick. You will be attacked with that stick, and you have to defend that using parry and block. We see training like that.

People practice kick on the banana tree. They also practice on different trees like palm trees. Again, sometimes we see something that is wrapped on the tree so that it will not hurt that much during training.

So if you learn martial arts or have any experience, please feel free to share that in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this post and watching the video. I would like to especially thank @claudio83.sports for the feedback.

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