Do You Need To Condition Your Legs?

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X: hey, I will condition my legs.
Y: Okay, so why do you want to condition your legs?
X: I want to kick hard.
Y: Let's show some kicks first.

Sometimes you see some guys say something like that. Maybe you see somewhere or a video that a guy kicks and breaks a lot of things. You're impressed by seeing his kicking power and you want to do the same.

Kick in a fight.jpg

People who break things like that, they have been training for years. Then you have achieved that level which you see. If you do not learn martial arts or you are learning martial arts but you are at the beginning level, just forget conditioning your legs and focus on your training.

When you go to learn martial arts, martial art instructors do not teach you how to punch or kick at the beginning. They show you some basic exercises. And you have to spend time doing those exercises. Maybe you are wondering you go there to learn martial arts, but you are doing nothing but exercise for a couple of weeks or so.

The thing is, you are not ready yet to learn martial arts. You have to prepare your body to learn that. If you say it in another way, your body is not conditioned enough to learn martial arts. When you are ready, your instructors teach your martial arts in step by step.

When we talk about the conditioning, it can be the internal condition and external condition. The exercises you do every day at the beginning of martial arts training, it helps you condition your legs internally. After getting a certain level, you can do external conditioning.

Start slowing. You can use a kick bag for doing kick. Later, you can practice kicking with trees. The banana tree is a good one to start with. You can use other trees later and use protection. Keep practicing for two or three days and take rests for one or two days. When you kick, you might fracture your shin, later it rebuilds and becomes stronger. It is important to take rest so that you can recover.

Keep practicing on a regular basis. Hope you will get the result. Thank you so much for reading this post. If you like martial arts and want to learn more about self defense, you can check out some of my recent posts.

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Please feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I appreciate your support and feedback. Please stay tuned. I'll be back with another post.
Source: Video and Video Credit: chintya candranaya

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I'm not a martial artist, but as a child I used to watch a lot of Van Damme. In the kickboxer movie he trains by kicking a tree and I think it was the banana tree. I thought it was surreal as training, but instead I read that you really train like this

Hi @claudio83.sports!
I just made a post as a repose to your comment. Here's the link.

Thank you so much for your feedback. I really appreciate that!