A Little Girl's Impressive Fighting Skills

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Hey guys!
How are you doing?

Today I made posts, but unfortunately, my posts did not appear on relevant tribes. So, I'm trying it again and let's see what happens.

When I make a post, I usually share a video. Today I am going to share a video that is really going to surprise you. If you want to learn martial arts, your age does not matter. If you are young, that's better.

Let's watch this video where you will see a little girl is on training.

Isn't she amazing?

Her footwork and movement are really good. She always keeps her hands up. That's a good defense and ready to attack. She is fast and moves quickly. She will definitely be a great martial artist. It is inspiring to see something like this. Hope you also like this.

There are some misconceptions about martial arts. Some parents think if their kids learn martial arts, they will fight with other kids. No parents want anything like that. So, they think it is better not to let their kids learn martial arts.

That's not right. Seeing martial arts from the outside, we think that martial art is all about kicking, punching and hitting. Of course, you will learn how to kick, punch and strike, but martial art is not all about it. It is more than that. A martial artist does not want to hurt others because they know how the pain feels like. It is for self defense.

When a kid learns martial arts, she/he is not only learning about self defense, but also she/he is learning many valuable lessons that are applicable in life.

Martial arts teach them to respect others, work together, how to communicate with teammates, how to treat opponent, how to lead a team, discipline, confidence, forgiveness, help others and so on. It can improve different skills like observation skills, communication skills, and leadership skills.

Do you know how a girl or boy feels when she or he is being bullied?

This is something very painful. You do not want your kids to be bullied, right? Bullies usually target them whom they think are less confident, vulnerable and weak. Martial art can increase confidence, make your kids stronger physically and mentally. When bullies realize that's not an easy catch, they will not dare to bully her or him. I made a post about it. Here's the link.

How Can Martial Arts Help You Dealing With Bullies

I share different things about martial arts and self defense. I don't know everything about martial arts, but what I know, that can help others to be more aware of martial arts and self defense. If you like martial arts and want to learn more about self defense, you can follow me @RezoanulVibes.

Please feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comment section. I'd love to hear from you.

Take care. See you around!

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Amazing skills so cute.

Hi, @rezoanulvibes!

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How incredible kid she is!

She's fantastic!

@rezoanulvibes hello dear friend. Excellent the video that you presented to us. That girl has a great future in the martial sports world.
What you say is true, many parents repress the child's wishes by wanting to learn martial arts. And it's a mistake.
thank you very much for all this marial that you present to us daily
I wish you a wonderful weekend

Yes, if parents are aware of how martial art can help their kids to be a better person as well as stay healthy and fit, they always encourage them to learn martial art.

Have a nice day!

She is so beautiful. I do admire her coach. That vision and determination. To train her, without any guarantee that she is going to "make it". Amazing.


Yes, she is so cute. And her moves are pretty impressive! Thank you @neri0x for taking the time to read this post and giving your feedback!

Btw do you have a favorite on khabib vs poirier?