Self Defense Against Collar Grab

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Have you ever seen anyone grabbing the collar and being aggressive?

You might see bullies grabbing the collar of the victim saying all sort of negative things. Sometimes you might see two guys grabbing each other collar of the shirt, pulling and shouting. Let's talk about what to do if someone grabs the collar of your shirt.

When someone grabs your collar, that means he/she is close enough to get attacked. If he grabs your collar with one hand, that implies his one hand is already engaged but you have two free hands and you can do a lot of things. Let's watch this video. Well, I don't understand the language, If you know the language, you can understand what is said on this video.

If someone grabs the collar and his elbow is not bend, you can grab the wrist of his hand and turn. Then put pressure on his hand. You can get rid of collar grab. Now if the attacker grabs your collar and punches you, first defend the punch, then apply this technique to release.

When the attack bends his elbow and grabs your collar, the first technique will not work, you cannot apply pressure on his hand like this as you do before. So what can you do? It seems a very difficult situation, but it is not. You just hold his elbow and turn it up, you will see the magic. The attacker will not be able to hold your collar anymore.

You know when bullies are there, most of the time you see them as a group. If someone grabs your collar, other bullies are there as well. So, they might come and attack you. In this situation, you can use the first guy who grabs your collar as a shield to defend yourself.

How to use the first attacker as a shield for self defense

To use the first attacker as a shield, you can make a little change in the technique. The moment the guy grabs your collar and pulls you, place your hand on his elbow, hold and turn it upward. Then move behind the attacker holding his elbow with one hand and grab his neck arond his throat.

Now you control him. If other bullies try to attack you, they cannot do that as you are using the first attacker as a shield.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. If you find it useful, please let me know. I really appreciate your feedback and support. If you like martial arts and want to learn mroe about self defense, you can follow me @RezoanulVibes.

Take care. See you around!

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While describing something could be considered as part of reviewing, your opinion and experience about what you review is very important. I believe I also said the same thing on one of your previous posts. If a post is just about the "how toes," it is not a review, but when it is accompanied with your personal experience where the good, bad and ugly of what you review is discussed, then that is a review. I really hope that this helps you understand the kind of post the platform supports.


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When you review a product like movies, book, music, etc, it is easily distinguished as a review. However, when you talk about martial arts techniques and its different aspects, it seems difficult to understand. For example, in this post, I talked about how to defend yourself against collar grab.

When someone grabs your collar and his hand is straight and elbow is not bend, you can use the first technique. If the attacker's elbow is bend, the first technique will not work, you can try, but you will not be able to release his hand from your collar. So in the situation, you can use the second technique that I said in the post. If there is a group of attackers, you have to deal with multiple attackers, you can deal with this situation in many ways. I gave my opinions about how you can make some change in the technique and use the first attacker as a shield to defend against multiple attackers.

Hope there will be a platform in the future where we can talk about different self defense techniques and give our opinions how realistic that is as a review. Thank you so much @knowledges for taking the time to read my posts and giving your feedback. I wish you good luck and success! :)

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