Morning Run - Field of dreams

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I just finished a 6.32km running that lasted about 0hh:38mm:9ss !


As usual I was not feeling that sprightly when I got up, but got ready to run anyway. That means getting my kit on and grabbing my AfterShokz headphones for some podcast listening. I put on my Asics trail shoes as I had decided to try the cross-country option again. Just up the road from us there is a footpath that can get muddy which leads to the footbridge over the railway. Crossing that produces a dip in the pace graph on Strava. I saw was having some issues with GPS on his runs, but my Garmin watch seems to give accurate results.

There was nobody swimming in the river today. I headed straight on towards Henlow Camp. That takes me across some fields that I think were growing wheat and broad beans. The farmer leaves a bare track across these for walkers. Running cross-country does work some different muscles as you are on uneven surfaces. Have to take care where you step.

When I reach the houses I turn back past a farm. I managed a personal record on a segment from there even without consciously trying. It looked like someone had been trying to level out this farm track. Then it is downhill across another wheat field.

I did not notice any horse in the meadow today, but as I crossed the bridge a white egret was in the middle of the river. I failed to get a decent photo of it with my phone. I took a picture of the view anyway. You can see the hill I had just come down in the distance.

I ran along by the river to the plant nursery and then took the road back to home. I was pretty warm when I got back. It is not that hot, but it is humid. I had some berries I picked last night with my cereal along with some huge shop-bought strawberries.

I will try to do more runs over the fields as it geŧs me well away from any traffic and the associated fumes.

Run free and stay well.



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Don't forget to eat some protein as well, it is good for recovering!

I eat a fair few nuts. Do those count? I don't eat any meat though.

Nuts have some but not enough IMO, if you don't like meat consider peas also

Proverbs 28:1

The wicked run when no one is chasing them..

Are you a wicked old chap, @steevc?

Well I am an unbeliever, but does that make me wicked. I certainly am old though.

Lol. I'm an unbeliever too😂😂
I had come across that Bible passage and have been using it to troll people who run/jug in the mornings 😈😂

I'm running from age and fat :)

You're doing a great job, man, and your consistency is really inspiring. Also you look in great shape, man. I'm 23, I work out and I hope I can keep it up at your age 😎.

I am naturally skinny, but didn't exercise much for years. I think it helps keep me fit now. Do what you can to stay healthy and it will pay off. We only get one shot at life, so need to make the best of it.


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Must be nice breathing that air as your run! Have you looked into Nitrous oxide/ Beet supplements?

Not looked into any supplements. I'm not out to be the quickest runner anyway.

Beet powder or nitric oxide derived from beets can help increase blood flow and oxygen. People even used it to increase brain function after strokes. But could help give a naturalish boost in the mornings.

All sorts of claims are made for various products. I eat fairly well and seem to do okay. I'm actually growing some beetroot, so I can have that. It can make your pee a strange colour though.

😆And naturally increase oxygen and blood flow...

I think that's down to good heart and lungs :)

And yes as well as other organs further down. 😆 oxygen and blood flow baby! You know all about its benefits! Your inspirational! Keep up the hard work and dedication to your cardiovascular health!

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Your persistence is pretty inspiring. I've got to get back into it. !LUV

I'm scared to break the routine or I might give up. Working from home makes things easier.


The past year plus has definitely been different. For me, I was in a more usual routine of work and exercise while not working from home. Things are getting back to normal so I will likely get back to my normal routine as well, which is a good thing overall.




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