How To Survive A Knife Attack


If you are in a fighting competition, of course, the opponent will not attack you with a knife. There are rules and you have to follow them in a fight. The problem is when you deal with real-life situations but you have the same mindset as fighting in a match, you will find it surprising.

Attackers can attack you with weapons. When someone pulls the knife, there are mainly two things can happen. He or she will threaten you with the knife or he or she will attack you with the knife. Every time you see someone pulls the knife does not mean he is going to attack you right away.

If you realize what the attacker wants to do, you can act accordingly. If the knife is only for threatening you, that knife is not going to hurt you. Understanding the situation is very important. It gives you the comparative advantage to survive a knife attack.

If the attacker attacks you with the knife, you have to defend yourself. Attacking with a knife could be very dangerous. The attacker can attack different parts of your body. There are different ways of defending yourself against a knife attack. If you grab the attacker's hand, you can still move and cut you. So try to control his wrist. You can turn the attacker's wrist and take his/her knife away.

Some people say, do this and do that in order to defend yourself against a knife attack. The thing is, when the attacker attacks with the knife, that's not easy to deal with. If you grab the attacker's wrist and disarm the knife or attack him, you can survive a knife attack. Let's watch this video.

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