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Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
SPORTS can be converted to SPORTS POWER in a process called staking.
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
+86.844 HIVE
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Author reward: 8.873 SPORTS for stdd/actifit-stdd-20220120t192750771z
Author reward: 17.754 SPORTS for stdd/actifit-stdd-20220119t184130156z
Author reward: 3.326 SPORTS for stdd/actifit-stdd-20220118t190212749z
Curation reward: 13.131 SPORTS for bozz.sports/ncaa-hoops-weekend-wrap-up-1-17-2022-oh-msu
Author reward: 4.606 SPORTS for stdd/actifit-stdd-20220117t181538714z
Author reward: 53.511 SPORTS for stdd/actifit-stdd-20220116t190032312z
Author reward: 17.588 SPORTS for stdd/actifit-stdd-20220115t192732778z
Curation reward: 13.594 SPORTS for boddhistats/actifit-boddhistats-20220114t183158466z
Author reward: 364.786 SPORTS for stdd/actifit-stdd-20220114t153414552z
Curation reward: 13.728 SPORTS for winly/actifit-winly-20220113t183708647z
Author reward: 10.420 SPORTS for stdd/actifit-stdd-20220113t162403025z
Author reward: 272.378 SPORTS for stdd/actifit-stdd-20220112t190815921z
Author reward: 777.441 SPORTS for stdd/actifit-stdd-20220111t093044220z
Author reward: 651.670 SPORTS for stdd/actifit-stdd-20220106t175352412z
Author reward: 1070.650 SPORTS for stdd/actifit-stdd-20220105t153930286z
Staked 6540.736 SPORTS to stdd
Author reward: 1868.263 SPORTS for stdd/actifit-stdd-20220104t153017784z
Curation reward: 13.172 SPORTS for irisworld/xhst-activity-1641300568
Author reward: 2002.562 SPORTS for stdd/actifit-stdd-20220103t132917997z
Author reward: 832.793 SPORTS for stdd/actifit-stdd-20220102t165930663z
Author reward: 3.481 SPORTS for stdd/actifit-stdd-20211231t081234846z
Curation reward: 12.326 SPORTS for ruscom/actifit-ruscom-20211230t214615596z
Author reward: 2.409 SPORTS for stdd/re-winly-20211230t223515105z
Curation reward: 12.413 SPORTS for winly/actifit-winly-20211230t192751665z
Author reward: 1416.598 SPORTS for stdd/actifit-stdd-20211230t154903256z
Author reward: 1257.766 SPORTS for stdd/actifit-stdd-20211229t175156521z
Curation reward: 12.208 SPORTS for marianaemilia/splinterzine---38---december-28th---2021
Author reward: 3.291 SPORTS for stdd/actifit-stdd-20211228t145821859z
Curation reward: 12.179 SPORTS for winly/actifit-winly-20211228t100209770z
Curation reward: 12.027 SPORTS for snedeva/actifit-snedeva-20211227t210911443z
Curation reward: 11.803 SPORTS for pjansen/actifit-pjansen-20211227t210228486z
Author reward: 9.162 SPORTS for stdd/actifit-stdd-20211227t145339550z
Curation reward: 12.005 SPORTS for costanza/jupiler-league-week-21-monday-previews
Curation reward: 11.907 SPORTS for winly/actifit-winly-20211226t205812638z
Author reward: 2586.562 SPORTS for stdd/actifit-stdd-20211226t165524796z
Curation reward: 11.809 SPORTS for iyanpol12/actifit-iyanpol12-20211225t235603446z
Curation reward: 11.560 SPORTS for michelmake/actifit-michelmake-20211225t233840296z
Author reward: 5.071 SPORTS for stdd/actifit-stdd-20211225t115536093z
Author reward: 0.069 SPORTS for stdd/re-hivebuzz-20211225t123232977z
Author reward: 47.273 SPORTS for stdd/actifit-stdd-20211224t125044510z
Author reward: 1.533 SPORTS for stdd/re-winly-20211224t1390627z
Curation reward: 11.544 SPORTS for abbak7/actifit-abbak7-20211224t032749354z
Author reward: 2.369 SPORTS for stdd/re-winly-20211223t235853908z
Author reward: 2565.014 SPORTS for stdd/actifit-stdd-20211223t165457807z
Author reward: 2.422 SPORTS for stdd/re-winly-20211223t17515781z
Curation reward: 11.793 SPORTS for winly/actifit-winly-20211222t203227586z
Author reward: 5.960 SPORTS for stdd/actifit-stdd-20211222t105002845z
Author reward: 3.041 SPORTS for stdd/actifit-stdd-20211221t162108663z
Author reward: 309.068 SPORTS for stdd/actifit-stdd-20211220t164637453z
Staked 825.865 SPORTS to stdd
Author reward: 116.074 SPORTS for stdd/actifit-stdd-20211219t160208828z
Author reward: 5.613 SPORTS for stdd/actifit-stdd-20211218t163914203z
Staked 1042.798 SPORTS to stdd
Staked 2360.447 SPORTS to stdd
Staked 6409.563 SPORTS to stdd
Staked 1517.241 SPORTS to stdd
Staked 2328.562 SPORTS to stdd
Staked 3485.372 SPORTS to stdd
Staked 1798.066 SPORTS to stdd
Staked 619.925 SPORTS to stdd
Staked 1069.755 SPORTS to stdd
Staked 4988.926 SPORTS to stdd
Staked 10710.945 SPORTS to stdd
Staked 7000 SPORTS to stdd