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Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
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Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
-94.93 HIVE
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Curation reward: 5.659 SPORTS for eddwood/es-geht-schon-wieder-los
Curation reward: 9.315 SPORTS for ynwa.andree/actifit-ynwa-andree-20230318t214933964z
Curation reward: 2.761 SPORTS for stayoutoftherz/hivechess-tournament-season-15-round-3-pamboy27-won-in-great-style
Curation reward: 18.806 SPORTS for kiel91/actifit-kiel91-20230318t193754479z
Curation reward: 2.806 SPORTS for wolfgangsport/biggest-disappointments-from-the-2022-23-nba-season
Curation reward: 18.422 SPORTS for kiel91/actifit-kiel91-20230317t195927838z
Curation reward: 2.766 SPORTS for sportstalksocial/sportstalksocial-twc-write-about-your-favorite-athlete
Curation reward: 18.391 SPORTS for kiel91/actifit-kiel91-20230316t174556650z
Staked 10015.871 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Curation reward: 2.757 SPORTS for stayoutoftherz/reminder-round-3-of-the-hivechess-tournament-s15-friday-20h-gmt
Received 10000 SPORTS from reiseamateur 🍀 Danke das du mit gemacht hast! 🍀 lg 🤠
Received stake of 10000 SPORTS from reiseamateur
Curation reward: 2.696 SPORTS for mima2606/actifit-mima2606-20230315t213035167z
Curation reward: 2.704 SPORTS for domenikb18/actifit-domenikb18-20230315t202142917z
Curation reward: 2.719 SPORTS for meerliebe/actifit-meerliebe-20230315t201903544z
Curation reward: 18.143 SPORTS for kiel91/actifit-kiel91-20230315t200221755z
Curation reward: 2.719 SPORTS for wolfgangsport/10-biggest-nba-draft-busts-of-all-time-2023-edition
Staked 380.416 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Curation reward: 2.737 SPORTS for domenikb18/actifit-domenikb18-20230314t222110233z
Curation reward: 2.736 SPORTS for reiseamateur/rrj0pl
Curation reward: 18.153 SPORTS for kiel91/actifit-kiel91-20230314t195434199z
Curation reward: 2.732 SPORTS for reiseamateur/rrj00z
Staked 886.318 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Author reward: 734.471 SPORTS for thehockeyfan-at/re-reiseamateur-rrip8g
Author reward: 1723.913 SPORTS for thehockeyfan-at/re-reiseamateur-rrip4c
Curation reward: 3.632 SPORTS for reiseamateur/rrigji
Curation reward: 18.276 SPORTS for reiseamateur/hsc-2223-24spieltag-recap-deutsche-bundesliga-kicktipp--extra-challenge-inside-10x-10-000-sports-pricepool
Curation reward: 1.778 SPORTS for domenikb18/actifit-domenikb18-20230313t211920387z
Curation reward: 1.781 SPORTS for thefittest/actifit-thefittest-20230313t201504002z
Curation reward: 17.868 SPORTS for kiel91/actifit-kiel91-20230313t200154113z
Curation reward: 1.786 SPORTS for meerliebe/actifit-meerliebe-20230313t200155886z
Curation reward: 1.796 SPORTS for sportstalksocial/sportstalk-curation-showcase-49
Curation reward: 1.804 SPORTS for sportstalksocial/sportstalksocial-twc-winner-or-your-favorite-football-club
Staked 1607.073 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Curation reward: 3.584 SPORTS for danielhuhservice/re-thehockeyfan-at-2023312t19576792z
Curation reward: 5.369 SPORTS for notak/actifit-notak-20230312t111024964z
Curation reward: 1.809 SPORTS for wolfgangsport/what-happened-to-the-seattle-supersonics-2023-edition
Curation reward: 5.286 SPORTS for deepresearch/actifit-deepresearch-20230311t220111556z
Curation reward: 1.788 SPORTS for thefittest/actifit-thefittest-20230311t210543134z
Curation reward: 1.785 SPORTS for domenikb18/actifit-domenikb18-20230311t210052973z
Curation reward: 3.596 SPORTS for bechibenner/re-thehockeyfan-at-2023311t19841679z
Curation reward: 1.797 SPORTS for mima2606/actifit-mima2606-20230311t153859653z
Author reward: 3146.197 SPORTS for thehockeyfan-at/nhl-new-jersey-devils-erstmals-4-schweizer-in-der-startaufstellung
Curation reward: 5.390 SPORTS for definethedollar/mar-10-23
Curation reward: 1.798 SPORTS for dirkzett/actifit-dirkzett-20230311t135403356z
Curation reward: 1.782 SPORTS for stayoutoftherz/hivechess-tournament-season-15-round-2-maestroask-won-by-a-hair-pamboy27-runner-up-with-equal-points
Curation reward: 1.810 SPORTS for thefittest/actifit-thefittest-20230310t190726825z
Curation reward: 1.807 SPORTS for karizma/actifit-karizma-20230310t143004876z
Curation reward: 1.796 SPORTS for stayoutoftherz/reminder-round-2-of-the-hivechess-tournament-s15-friday-20h-gmt
Curation reward: 1.785 SPORTS for dirkzett/actifit-dirkzett-20230309t120513740z
Curation reward: 1.785 SPORTS for wolfgangsport/10-best-undrafted-nba-players-of-all-time
Curation reward: 1.763 SPORTS for thefittest/actifit-thefittest-20230308t230307597z
Curation reward: 5.334 SPORTS for meerliebe/actifit-meerliebe-20230308t205149787z
Curation reward: 17.856 SPORTS for kiel91/actifit-kiel91-20230308t185040217z
Staked 3181.849 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Curation reward: 1.773 SPORTS for dragon-ti/actifit-dragon-ti-20230307t221411763z
Author reward: 1291.497 SPORTS for thehockeyfan-at/re-reiseamateur-rr663i
Staked 16.755 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 14.007 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 25.715 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 1851.893 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 26.166 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 18.984 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 3673.979 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 2802.854 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 2282.473 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 9.701 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 384.131 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 469.654 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 1157.647 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 14156 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Received 15000 SPORTS from reiseamateur Gratulation zum 2.Platz in der Tageswertung ( 18.Spieltag) beim Kicktipp Game 2022/23! 🍀 Viel Glück 🍀 in der nächsten Runde lg
Staked 54.29 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 5.72 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 3594.502 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 846.712 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 1332.114 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 144.172 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 191.504 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 3521.756 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 1218.567 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 1377.566 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 1007.613 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 1741.267 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 581.204 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 991.21 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 177.418 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 453.638 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 218.82 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 204.003 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 11.037 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 9.091 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 7.68 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 16.329 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 479.032 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Staked 480.51 SPORTS to thehockeyfan-at
Received 453.709 SPORTS from sportsrewards Here are your claimed tokens! (453.709500 more SPORTS were added to SPORTS POWER)
Received stake of 453.709 SPORTS from sportsrewards
Received 1.078 SPORTS from sportsrewards Here are your claimed tokens! (1.078500 more SPORTS were added to SPORTS POWER)
Received stake of 1.078 SPORTS from sportsrewards