SPORTS Governance Proposal: SPORTS Account Changes

account = "sports-gov"

nodelist = NodeList()
nodes = nodelist.get_nodes(hive=True)
hive = Hive(node=nodes)

def transfer_token(to, amount, symbol, memo, account):
    he_wallet = Wallet(account, blockchain_instance=hive)
    transfer_tx = he_wallet.transfer(to, amount, symbol, memo)
    c = Comment(loaded_post, steem_instance=hive)
    c.reply(str(transfer_tx), "stake_tx", account)

transfer_token("patrickulrich", 100000, "SPORTS", "Refund for proposal", account)


After receiving no complaints on my petition, I'd like to formally propose to the SPORTS community to remove @sportstalksocial and @sportswitness from the @sports-gov account system. While the goal of having these accounts controlled by @sports-gov was admirable, it creates unneccassary bottlenecks to getting the funds combined into @sports-gov overall.

The Proposal

I would like to remove @sportstalksocial and @sportswitness from @sports-gov by removing @tmholdings from their active and posting authorities.

This change is proposed to reduce the distribution of tribe assets into a single account. As it stands now funds are held across multiple accounts that then require regular maintainance proposals to unite the funds in the @sports-gov account.

For @sportstalksocial, this would be accomplished by updating the Daily SPORTS curation bot to include operations to send any Hive/HBD/tribe tokens from the account to @sports-gov automatically without requiring a tribe proposal to combine the funds. Funds would then be used by @sports-gov by normal proposal.

Likewise for @sportswitness, I would like to send all current assets to @sports-gov. For future witness usage I would define set reporting dates that would include batch transactions for any witness earnings based on future token fund proposals for that project.

The Costs

I will be requesting 100,000 SPORTS returned for the proposal fee if approved.

How to Vote

@sports-gov will reply to this post with two comments. If you'd like to see this proposal pass then upvote the YES comment with any % upvote.


If you would not like to see that these changes implemented then please upvote the NO comment with any % upvote.


Top 100 Stakeholders

I've tagged the top 100 SPORTS stakeholders to this initial proposal as notification of the new proposal. If you would like to not be included in future proposal tags please don't hesitate to let me know and I'll be sure you're removed from my list.

RankAccountGovernance PowerStake
1@mk-sports-token / @mmmmkkkk3117.173873236882845% GP133215108.702Not Voted
2@patrickulrich7.166925634187119% GP133086095.32Not Voted
3@csport6.077555796601735% GP112857061.918Not Voted
4@bluesniper5.383659562662874% GP99971768.412Not Voted
5@edkarnie4.048817433149827% GP75184441.746Not Voted
6@uyobong.sports / @uyobong3.936203169624631% GP73093253.226Not Voted / @razackpulo3.532348710095897% GP65593885.179Not Voted
8@ctime3.1543049546817663% GP58573808.533Not Voted
9@cryptoandsports / @cryptoandcoffee3.086963024861353% GP57323303.791Not Voted
10@airforce2.5902432712409915% GP48099475.353Not Voted
11@toni.sports1.8652315154808543% GP34636382.73Not Voted
12@ctpsb.sports / @ctpsb1.8201785534870298% GP33799772.571Not Voted
13@amr008.sports / @amr0081.5080978405749454% GP28004595.444Not Voted
14@rezoanulv.sports / @rezoanulvibes1.4920460424808557% GP27706521.871Not Voted
15@bulgaria-sports / @hive-bulgaria1.4496918365679332% GP26920026.214Not Voted
16@bozz.sports / @bozz1.3476144304963884% GP25024501.677Not Voted
17@erikahfit / @erikah1.33003003982567% GP24697968.654Not Voted
18@dfacademy-sports1.21595456175218% GP22579646.137Not Voted
19@fitcoin0.9766528987126599% GP18135938.254Not Voted
20@yousaf-sports / @yousafharoonkhan0.8706248556398684% GP16167052.435Not Voted
21@ph1102.sports / @ph11020.7895813868982607% GP14662117.215Not Voted
22@zahidsun0.789060507366453% GP14652444.752Not Voted
23@splines0.7858215717537035% GP14592299.396Not Voted
24@abh12345.sports / @abh123450.7385349669804917% GP13714211.648Not Voted
25@roger51200.7294427503224116% GP13545373.896Not Voted
26@dalzphoto / @dalz0.7280143972726603% GP13518850.12Not Voted / @bcm0.7254166314626483% GP13470610.955Not Voted
28@steem.girl0.6004481753360427% GP11150011.48Not Voted
29@pele230.576314495184198% GP10701861.545Not Voted
30@majorleague0.5729728499203253% GP10639808.924Not Voted
31@hykss.sports / @hykss0.5460555996354332% GP10139969.534Not Voted
32@pjansen.cpt / @pjansen0.49756560097066826% GP9239535.385Not Voted / @botefarm0.48863483378263384% GP9073695.666Not Voted
34@hivemachine0.47753214718534537% GP8867524.529Not Voted
35@voter0.4741295765272944% GP8804340.555Not Voted
36@ptaku0.435521798255588% GP8087414.118Not Voted
37@xak0.4302973530123948% GP7990398.877Not Voted
38@cedstruct0.42060053703891365% GP7810334.029Not Voted
39@h770.39889615676846035% GP7407294.934Not Voted
40@yohann0.3911486277130036% GP7263427.334Not Voted
41@brofi0.3888577385327798% GP7220886.709Not Voted
42@flipstar0.36744580083291467% GP6823278.121Not Voted
43@lightsplasher0.3482838660350741% GP6467450.921Not Voted
44@automaton0.3386565628790222% GP6288676.89Not Voted
45@cruis0.33677400733301666% GP6253718.809Not Voted
46@fun.sports0.3283140560288834% GP6096621.897Not Voted
47@actifit-peter / @peter20170.29892922407279987% GP5550960.794Not Voted
48@tomlee.sports / @tomlee0.29486675056370987% GP5475522.766Not Voted
49@devann.sports / @devann0.2827493019404543% GP5250508.024Not Voted
50@manuvert0.2822267001742675% GP5240803.58Not Voted
51@blanchy.sports / @blanchy0.2784229869819568% GP5170170.597Not Voted
52@salimbur0.2754956189753409% GP5115810.89Not Voted
53@fural0.26437165978662114% GP4909244.732Not Voted
54@solairitas0.2540633278265471% GP4717824.349Not Voted
55@irman0.2449852046150391% GP4549248.305Not Voted
56@sbi-tokens0.22625902419501887% GP4201512.838Not Voted
57@flaxz0.22456128689176025% GP4169986.736Not Voted
58@costanza.sports / @costanza0.22077950861415493% GP4099761.073Not Voted
59@cloudblade0.21620786807024675% GP4014868.077Not Voted
60@alokkumar.sports / @alokkumar0.20959757376353866% GP3892118.337Not Voted
61@anicom0.20249484148332345% GP3760224.279Not Voted
62@talesfrmthecrypt0.1996680252323994% GP3707731.766Not Voted
63@zainalbakri0.19799186903752775% GP3676606.414Not Voted
64@sports.guy550.1967669225251894% GP3653859.792Not Voted
65@mcshayn0.19673642188950802% GP3653293.411Not Voted
66@broncnutz0.1960798471334894% GP3641101.158Not Voted
67@ekushya0.18838378375752232% GP3498189.249Not Voted
68@markchu0.1876325526176386% GP3484239.276Not Voted
69@anadolu0.18555954345354422% GP3445744.57Not Voted
70@stimp10240.1821761717695583% GP3382917.111Not Voted
71@tbnfl4sun0.18075500228051372% GP3356526.73Not Voted
72@indosports0.1751767257316767% GP3252941.025Not Voted
73@browery0.17360221739201057% GP3223703.221Not Voted
74@pouchon0.17098450778370375% GP3175093.71Not Voted
75@sportfrei0.16840490413907377% GP3127191.807Not Voted
76@jgb0.16415597685425415% GP3048291.429Not Voted
77@beatsbema0.16325694185933776% GP3031596.815Not Voted
78@adhammer0.1604249024147402% GP2979007.31Not Voted
79@djsl820.1482003200535307% GP2752003.15Not Voted
80@arsenal4life0.14758388465126157% GP2740556.264Not Voted
81@moyse0.14554066926413697% GP2702614.813Not Voted
82@kolawole0.1423551396111895% GP2643461.178Not Voted
83@rosatravels0.1396500986484% GP2593229.969Not Voted
84@obrisgold10.13788399934065348% GP2560434.42Not Voted
85@guurry1230.13614623593397843% GP2528165.054Not Voted / @freddio0.13603945589463937% GP2526182.204Not Voted
87@jfang0030.1346361925056732% GP2500124.33Not Voted
88@toufiq7770.13437536643389023% GP2495280.925Not Voted
89@nurdinnakaturi0.13374892089769644% GP2483648.156Not Voted
90@ireneblessing0.13140787162099404% GP2440176.084Not Voted
91@ultratrain0.13033282051370368% GP2420212.942Not Voted
92@actifit0.12989157454484443% GP2412019.233Not Voted
93@fit.zone0.1256639945439012% GP2333515.263Not Voted
94@opochtli0.12428892386407338% GP2307980.913Not Voted
95@anderssinho0.12424247394112815% GP2307118.362Not Voted / @zellypearl0.12395760347197544% GP2301828.465Not Voted
97@philnewton0.12260363160382412% GP2276685.909Not Voted
98@ervin-lemark0.12202909494742442% GP2266017.061Not Voted
99@chekohler0.12059717066178076% GP2239426.969Not Voted
100@saoirseronan0.11705540301244742% GP2173658.179Not Voted




Upvote here to support the proposal, any % upvote will trigger 100% GP support.
All rewards from this comment go to the governance fund



Upvote here to STOP the proposal, any % upvote will trigger 100% GP support.
All rewards from this comment go to the governance fund


I am guessing 3rd time is the charm? Did you manage to contact a few people beforehand?

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This isn't the proposal for the distribution changes. I've been wanting to pull @sportstalksocial and @sportswitness back to my own control to help centralize those more so that funds can easily move out of them and back into @sports-gov. I was supposed to push this out on 10/31 but missed my reminder.

I'll be doing a distribution change one soon. I think this one is less controversial so I figured I'd see how this one plays out. I still haven't had conversations with everyone but I think I'll do another petition followed by proposal to give everyone a week to prepare and then a full week to vote.


Barely made the list :)

Voted YES, of course!

Have a great week.


I've been a bit busy and not really got so much time to engage. Glad I didn't miss voting for this.