The Sportstalksocial Weekly Writing Contest(Week 5)



I introduced the Sportstalksocial weekly writing contest here and the maiden edition saw 4 participants.

The second edition saw a single participant.

The third edition saw 2 participants.

The fourth edition saw a single entry


  • The first position goes to @oxygen02 and will get 15,000 sportspower delegation for a week.
  • Congratulations and I hope to see you again.

    Proof of burning


    The new contest

    Contest Details

    Title: The impact of technology on sports

    Intro- The world of sports have undergone massive changes of recent. Gone are the days when everything is manual, we now have some technologies to assists the referee/umpire. This have created a great divide among sports fans. What do you think? Do you think technology have impacted Sports in a good way or a bad way?

    Entry fee: (500 SPORTS). It should be sent to @zonefund with your post link as the memo. All entry fees will be sent to @null for burning which means permanently removing them from the supply.

    Word Count: Minimum of 400 words.

    Promotion: Promote your entries on Twitter, Facebook, Medium, etc. Include the promotion link at the end of your post.

    Deadline: Submission ends exactly 3 days from this announcement.

    Tags: Tags should include sportstalk, football and any other tags of your choice.

    Entries will be curated based on a set of pre-defined rules.

    You are free to modify the title but make sure it still contains the original title.


    30,000 Sports Power delegation will be shared between the top 3 winners in the ratio 3:2:1.

    • Winner: 15,000 Sports power delegation for a week.
    • Second Place: 10,000 Sports power delegation for a week.
    • Third Place: 5,000 Sports power delegation for a week.

    If you don't have SPORTS token, you can exchange with Steem on Steem-engine.

    The entry fee is to prevent low-quality submissions and also help burn SPORTS.


    • Entries will be curated by @zonefund.
    • All curation rewards will be powered up.
    • Liquid sports will only be used for initiatives that will be announced in a subsequent post.

    Leave a comment below if you have any other question.