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Curation reward: 7660.199 SPORTS for cryptosimplify/my-handball-career-new-challenge
Curation reward: 8311.018 SPORTS for bozz.sports/nfl-week-2-results
Curation reward: 8001.504 SPORTS for mckane/my-mixed-sporty-weekend
Curation reward: 8667.777 SPORTS for cowboyzlegend27/cetbgltp
Curation reward: 9160.206 SPORTS for wolfgangsport/iran-the-ultimate-2022-fifa-world-cup-review-15
Curation reward: 8080.289 SPORTS for tfame3865/real-madrid-extend-their-dominance-as-they-got-atletico-madrid-defeated-2-vs-1
Curation reward: 8057.535 SPORTS for byebyehamburgers/day-1610-or-extended-morning-run-and-afternoon-3-hour-walk
Curation reward: 9242.696 SPORTS for b0s/my-fpl-team-talk-gameweek-8
Curation reward: 7221.922 SPORTS for joseantpp/esp-eng-from-ken-griffey
Curation reward: 7631.451 SPORTS for nucleus-tezz/why-didn-t-i-play
Curation reward: 8562.181 SPORTS for cryptoandcoffee/listen-to-the-referee
Curation reward: 7905.119 SPORTS for opeyemioguns/jose-morinho-s-action
Curation reward: 8961.766 SPORTS for ogeewitty/xhaka-shark
Curation reward: 8369.221 SPORTS for diikaan/a-bleak-weekend-for-punters
Curation reward: 8030.536 SPORTS for cowboyzlegend27/jpkykork
Curation reward: 8037.709 SPORTS for bozz.sports/got-to-see-some-live-footballt-this-weekend
Curation reward: 9300.692 SPORTS for wolfgangsport/england-the-ultimate-2022-fifa-world-cup-review-14
Curation reward: 9556.533 SPORTS for hivefpl/hive-fpl-game-week-8-summary-wild-cards-free-hit-and-missing-players
Curation reward: 8971.554 SPORTS for tfame3865/arsenal-fc-keeps-the-positive-form-running-mikel-arteta-deserves-some-accolades
Curation reward: 8477.719 SPORTS for blanchy/last-man-standing-the-final-two-results
Curation reward: 7527.224 SPORTS for the-sports-nerd/the-sports-nerds-live-09182022
Curation reward: 7860.820 SPORTS for amirtheawesome1/pondering-manchester-united-cristiano-ronaldo-casimiro-erik-ten-hag
Curation reward: 7969.864 SPORTS for opeyemioguns/jorginho-to-replace-busquets
Curation reward: 7217.913 SPORTS for cowboyzlegend27/rsqhrphz
Curation reward: 8313.501 SPORTS for costanza/jupiler-league-week-9-sunday-previews-7w6qnb
Curation reward: 8858.209 SPORTS for wolfgangsport/united-states-the-ultimate-2022-fifa-world-cup-review-13
Curation reward: 9243.591 SPORTS for darthhelios/sinking-in-dark
Curation reward: 8444.265 SPORTS for byebyehamburgers/day-1608-or-morning-rainy-run-and-healthy-pizza
Curation reward: 8605.325 SPORTS for tfame3865/the-fun-side-of-soccer-soccer-uniting-people
Curation reward: 0.129 SPORTS for lenifitria/celebrando-el-77-o-aniversario-de-la-cruz-roja-de-indonesia
Curation reward: 7969.243 SPORTS for mahirabdullah/good-footballers-don-t-end
Curation reward: 8830.937 SPORTS for cryptoandcoffee/real-madrid-announce-profit-for-20212022-season
Curation reward: 9264.739 SPORTS for empress-eremmy/the-queen-and-sports
Curation reward: 7893.952 SPORTS for sportfrei/1st-bundesliga-week-7-gladbach-vs-leipzig
Curation reward: 9010.735 SPORTS for wolfgangsport/netherlands-the-ultimate-2022-fifa-world-cup-review-12
Curation reward: 7680.453 SPORTS for costanza/jupiler-league-week-9-saturday-previews-djmxxj
Curation reward: 7101.342 SPORTS for ericburgoyne/youngs-stars-tourney-starts-tonight-flames-vrs-canucks
Curation reward: 8397.260 SPORTS for diikaan/out-with-the-old-wheres-the-new
Curation reward: 7271.981 SPORTS for amirtheawesome1/pondering-chelsea-graham-potter-werner-lukaku
Curation reward: 8436.509 SPORTS for pacobeta365/atletico-de-madrid-s-stance
Curation reward: 7038.246 SPORTS for sportfrei/1st-bundesliga-week-7-mainz-vs-hertha
Curation reward: 8551.837 SPORTS for hivefpl/hive-epl-gameweek-8-preview
Curation reward: 7406.902 SPORTS for cowboyzlegend27/ybwtnydt
Curation reward: 9194.351 SPORTS for wolfgangsport/senegal-the-ultimate-2022-fifa-world-cup-review-11
Curation reward: 7929.248 SPORTS for sportler/streetgang-vs-sports-club-street-gang-vs-sportverein
Curation reward: 8239.144 SPORTS for sheikhshaon/better-cricket-in-bangladesh
Curation reward: 8169.445 SPORTS for costanza/jupiler-league-week-9-friday-or-fc-antwerp-vs-seraing
Curation reward: 7648.744 SPORTS for tfame3865/chelsea-fc-struggles-continues
Curation reward: 8527.387 SPORTS for pacoandujar/two-goals-three-points-and-a-smiling-cristiano
Curation reward: 8935.823 SPORTS for mahirabdullah/when-you-need-kings-pawns
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